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Friday, August 04, 2006

Al-Alam "reporting" indicates US & Israel specifically target civilians, including women and children in Lebanon. The following is the description of videos which were aired on Al-Alam (Iran) cable news, but also appear on a daily basis on stations like Al-Jazeera (Qatar), Al-Manar (Hizbullah controlled), Al-Arabiyah (Dubai), etc. al. throughout the Arab/Muslim world through.

There's something sick about people who exploit the accidental injury and death of civilians to promote their own ideology of religious racism.

And you thought American cable news was bad. It's no wonder Muslims all over the world hate us when they are forcefed this propagandistic tripe by their totalitarian leaders:

Video Segments:
Lebanon Yuqawam / Lebanon Resists: Video segments several minutes in length aired periodically as part of Al-Alam coverage of recent events in Lebanon.
These video segments visually associate the USG with events in Palestine and Lebanon.

Video 1: The clip contains disturbing, graphic images of injured children and civilians interspersed with footage of Israeli military operations in Palestine and Lebanon. A burning Star of David appears superimposed over the faces of President Bush and Israeli leaders.

Video 2: The video begins with footage of U.S. and Israeli leaders followed immediately by scenes of violence from Israeli operations in Lebanon, including graphic images of injured children. Also includes graphic footage of wounded Israeli Soldiers.

Video 3: The video features brief excerpts from Al-Alam correspondent reports on recent events in Lebanon. Footage from a press conference with President Bush and Prime Minister Olmert precedes an image of a weeping Lebanese woman and graphic images of injured children. Includes Lebanese citizens proclaiming their support for Hezbollah and scenes of Palestinian resistance demonstrations alternating with scenes of Lebanese resistance demonstrations.

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