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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Settler Youth Killed by Palestinians

Eliahu Asheri, was murdered Sunday night, June 25, shortly after he was seized by Palestinian kidnappers at the French Hill junction (my old neighborhood) in northern Jerusalem. The abduction took place hours after Hamas kidnapped IDF Corp. Gilad Shalit outside Kerem Shalom opposite Gaza, in an apparent Fatah bid to match the rival Hamas.

Israel arrested dozens of Hamas government representatives, possibly as a bargaining chip against Hamas who has kidnapped Shalit. 4 Israeli warplanes buzzed Syrian President Bashar Assad's summer home in Damascus in a clear sign that Syria needs to give up the head of Hamas who now resides in that country. Hamas/Palestinian PM Ismail Haniyeh is said to be in hiding, along with other Hamas leadership but Israel has sealed off Gaza by sea and air.

Israel will not negotiate for Shalit's release, nor should they, but they will do everything else in their power to bring it about. Once again the ineffective Palestinian leadership has proudly brought misery, death & destruction to their own people. I have no sympthy. Go get 'em Tsahal!

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