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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Back into Boxing
So I'm starting to get back into boxing again, thanks to my dad. He was in town for the weekend and after checking out museums for most of the day we decided to relax at the hotel and watch the HBO replay of the De La Hoya-Mayorga fight from last weekend.

It was a great fight. Most of the commentators expected De La Hoya to have some ring rust since his last fight was 22 months ago, but the "Golden Boy" showed nothing of the sort, punishing the trashing talking WBC junior middleweight champion Mayorga from the start. De La Hoya put Mayorga on the canvas only a minute into the fight with a devastating left hook, after that Oscar was pretty much in control for the remainder of the fight. Mayorga's amateur pedigree and Oscar's championship form were a mismatch from the start as De La Hoya surgically jabbed at Mayorga's lack of defense, eventually knocking him out with a deluge of shots in the 6th Round.

After the fight it was also revealed that Mayorga had tested positive for a banned substance.

Tonight's fight live from Boston was had Brit Ricky Hatton going against Brooklyn native Luis Collazo. From the way they built up the fight it seemed like Hatton was going to destroy Collazo, but Collazo more than held his own despite a first round knock down. Collazo dominated some of the middle rounds, but in the end Hatton was just way too tough and the combination of his endurance and first round knock down proved to be too much as he won the 12 Round unanimous decision. Two judges scored the fight 115-112 and the third had it 114-113 for Hatton.

This is just a preview for some of the bigger fights that might come up later on this month, particularly I'll be interested to see Notre Dame free safety make his pro debut June 10.

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