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Friday, February 17, 2006

So there's an article today on the front page of the Washington Post about glaciers near the Arctic and Greenland are melting twice as fast as they use to, which will probably (logically) signal faster rise in ocean levels. Fine.

Here's a quote: "The scientists said they do not yet understand the precise mechanism causing glaciers to flow and melt more rapidly, but they said the changes in Greenland were unambiguous -- and accelerating: In 1996, the amount of water produced by melting ice in Greenland was about 90 times the amount consumed by Los Angeles in a year."

OK, even scientists say that they don't know WHY the glaciers are melting faster, but there is indisputable evidence that they are. I totally agree. In fact, we don't know why the Earth is getting warmer, but it unquestionably is.

And yet, the Washington Post simply cannot write this article without blaming humans, and specifically the United States, for the increased melting of glaciers, when the scientists earlier in the article said they don't know why the glaciers are melting more rapidly:

"Most climate scientists believe a major cause for Earth's warming climate is increased emissions of greenhouse gases as a result of burning fossil fuels, largely in the United States and other wealthy, industrialized nations such as those of western Europe but increasingly in rapidly developing nations such as China and India as well. Carbon dioxide and several other gases trap the sun's heat and raise atmospheric temperature."

How can the old media elite wonder why their subscriptions and readership continue to plummet when they cannot write a simple scientific article without their editorial page adding their own two cents? Thank God there are people in this country who don't see Americans (or President Bush by default) at fault for every negative that happens in the world.

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