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Friday, January 06, 2006

The following is a true story about a friend of a co-worker of my mom who is originally from Vietnam but who lived in Israel for two years before moving to the United States:

I don't know if I told you my personal experiences with Sharon.

Back in 1978 thru 1980,I started a restaurant in Tel Aviv.

I didn’t have much money so the restaurant was in a mixed and bad neighborhood. Then I had problems with the local gangs. They came to my restaurant and scared my customers away. I kicked them out and they broke all my windows that night.I fixed them and they broke them again.

This was going on for few weeks.

One of my regular customers asked me about my business and I told him the problem. He said "see what I can do". I did not know what he did, but those guys went across the street to pass my restaurant.

Then one day I saw Ariel Sharon on TV and it was him who helped me. He was the Minister of Agriculture(he started the new settlements then).

He was also the general who lead the last war. This man has guts.

Sure I pray for him. He is my hero.

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