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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Big ups to Dhimmi Watch and his posting of this Pew Global Attitudes poll. We in the States always hear about how much the "Arab Street" hates Americans (I mean our government, not the people, whatever their excuse de joir is) and the West or about how America is responsible for anything and everything that happens to any Arab or Muslim from here to Pakistan, or we are told by liberal news outlets of polls that surveyed the Muslim World, only to find that they believe bin Laden a hero, and George Bush the real terrorist.

Well to that I say, DITTO!

Public attitudes toward Muslims and concerns over Islamic extremism are remarkably consistent in Western Europe, the U.S., and other countries with sizeable Muslim minorities. Majorities in all Western European countries as well as Canada, India and Russia agree that Muslims coming to their countries want to be distinct from the larger country instead of adopting its customs and way of life.

The rise of Islamic extremism in their own countries is seen as worrisome by large majorities throughout Western Europe as well as the U.S., Canada, India and Russia. Most concerned are the publics in Russia and India, where 52% and 48%, respectively, say they are very concerned. In Canada, concern is somewhat less intense with 56% being at least somewhat concerned about extremism there, while in Poland just 37% are somewhat or very concerned about this.

Worry about the rise of Islamic extremism around the world is even more intense with substantial majorities in each of these non-Muslim countries expressing some measure of concern. Nine-in-ten in the Netherlands, and nearly as many elsewhere in Western Europe, are somewhat or very concerned about the global rise of Islamic extremism. A narrow majority in Russia (51%) and pluralities elsewhere in Europe are very concerned about this.

And the classic quote:

"I'm not surprised at all that so many people are worried about rising extremism. We all saw what happened in London... What if Paris is next? Now when I take the metro I am actually a bit worried. I'm afraid, but I'm also annoyed because some of the Muslims in France are becoming very feisty. Like when they whistled and booed during the Marseillaise during a football match between France and Algeria last year. They're in our country because they don't want to be in their own, but they criticize France and more and more of the young ones are now parading their Muslim identity."- A 23-year-old newspaper vendor in Paris (this poll was in July of 2005, a good 4 months before the Muslim rioting in France)

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