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Monday, December 05, 2005

Big News on Iran:

Mohamed El-Baradei announced that Iran is "only months away from a bomb", but tells the US to stop putting pressure on Iran. Meanwhile Iran announces they will invite bidders to tender for the construction of two 1,000 megawatt nuclear reactors, despite Western pressure on Tehran to scale back its nuclear ambitions, Iran's chief atomic negotiator said on Monday.

And as usual, Russia continues to act like the Soviet Union. The doublespeak just doesn't get any better than this:

--Iran and Russia
sign $1 bln defense deal

warns Iran against UN sanctions

This is something Bush is going to have to address with his soulmate Putin. I can't see any strategic logic behind Russia doing this, other than that they might be able to use this new deal as leverage against Iran to stop the uranium enrichment. Putin can't really think that it's in Russia's interest for Iran to have Nukes.

Meanwhile Netanyahu plays politics (as usual), saying
he would attack Iran to prevent their developing WMDs. Geez Bibi your crap just never gets old. Your a has-been, is this your only tactic for beating Sharon in the upcoming elections? You're not going to outflank Sharon on security, but I guess you'll have to learn that the hard way.

Nevertheless, Sharon has said striking Iran would be well within
Israel's capabilities, though American cooperation would be a must. But an American Army report is saying that Israel can't stop Iran nukes.

One more final thing I read today which I found of keen interest, a report from a Kurdish Media source quoting a report in the Israeli Newspaper
Yedioth Ahronoth that Israeli forces are in Northern Iraq, training Kurdish fighters. This would be of little surprise to me, although I don't really care to go into details.

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