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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust...Senior al Qaeda leader killed

It seems Pakistani and American forces have killed Al-Qaeda's No. 3 man (and 4 other terrorists who were making bombs with him at the time), Abu Hamza Rabia, in a home in the North Waziristan tribal area of Pakistan. Rabia was in charge of Al-Qaeda's operations and had replaced Abu Faraj al-Libbi since his capture by Pakistani Forces.

(Abu Faraj al-Libbi )

Al-Libbi replaced Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, who was Al-Qaeda's Director of Operations since about 1999. Muhammad was captured by Pakistan security forces and handed over to US officials. According to Wikipedia, his whereabouts are unknown. More than likely he's being held in one of those CIA prisons in Eastern Europe.

(Khalid Sheikh Muhammad)

A few things about this good news:
1. Further shows that we're winning the War. Totally dismantling Al-Qaeda's organization and ability to carry out more attacks.

2. American intelligence has been most impressive in the last few years. Particularly our cooperation with the Saudis, Israelis, Jordanians and Pakistanis, the proof is in the pudding. Pakistan is a great ally, thank God for
President Musharraf. People will harangue the CIA about torture and secret prisons, but here is the proof that the intel we're getting is saving lives.

3. It was first reported that Abu Hamza Rabia was killed by accident as he and his cohorts were assembling bombs. Not the case. It was later reported that unmanned military drones fired a volley of missiles at the house Rabia was thought to have been located at. He was apparently making weapons at the time, and caused a series of huge explosions as a result of the initial missiles fired from the drone. What does this mean? Either that Pakistani intel knew his whereabouts and told us, which again is a great sign of American-Pakistani cooperation OR, that CIA has penetrated Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and was tipped off as to his whereabouts. Either way, good stuff.

4. This is further proof that the noose around bin Laden and Zawahiri is tightening. 2006 will indeed be a good year. Nothing makes for a better Presidential rebound than catching that big fish that's still out there.

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