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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One Democrat I'd Vote For...
Sen. Joseph Lieberman is making a concerted case this morning to keep the US military in Iraq to complete the job, rather than pull out immediately, as some of his fellow Democrats have demanded. In addition to an op-ed piece in today’s Wall Street Journal (enter to read), Lieberman also made an appearance on CNN this morning, where, after his fourth visit to Iraq over the past 18 months, Lieberman said, “I did see progress. It’s not perfect, obviously, but I saw progress economically, militarily and politically.”

Lieberman added, “The economy is beginning to move. Politically, there’s a full-fledged campaign going on in Iraq now for the national assembly elections in December, and there’s an independent -- a large number of independent television stations and newspapers covering it. Militarily, the Iraqis are beginning to show a much more self-sufficiency. They’re a long way from being able to take it on their own, and that’s why we have to be careful not to withdraw too soon, but progress really is being made.” Asked about criticism by those who believe things are not going well, Lieberman said, “Look, this is a war. And the more I go back there, the more I see it as a war between 27 million Iraqis – that’s just about their total population – who really want to live a better, freer, safer life, who feel liberated to be rid of Saddam Hussein, and 10,000 terrorists who are prepared to blow themselves up and to go at the Iraqi people and American military who are trying to protect the Iraqi people.”

Lieberman added that if the terrorists “should win there, which is to say to get us out before the country is stable, I think it’ll have disastrous effects not only on Iraq and the Middle East, but on American security.” Lieberman also said polls he saw show Iraqis “are quite optimistic about their future even as the American people, unfortunately, become more pessimistic about how we’re doing in Iraq. I think there are reasons for optimism if we don’t cut and leave too soon.”

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