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Monday, November 14, 2005

Hillary the Hawk

Clinton did a 180 the other day in Jerusalem. The Junior Senator from New York, who is seen in that picture kissing the wife of Yasser Arafat, notorious terrorist and PA leader who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995, apparently now believes the Jews haev a right to defend themselves against terrorist attacks, and even more, believes they have the right to a state! Imagine that.

Let's just rehash Clinton's record on Israel, for the record:

-In 1998, Mrs. Clinton went far beyond official U.S. policy in declaring her support for the creation of a Palestinian state.

- Hillary also caused a stir in 1999 when she exchanged kisses with Yasser Arafat’s wife after the latter gave a ridiculous speech accusing Israel of poisoning Palestinian women and children.

- In October 2000, Candidate Clinton announced that she was returning contributions Alamoudi had made to her Senate campaign after he publicly declared, “We are all supporters of Hamas…. I am also a supporter of Hezbollah.” Clinton reportedly cited “serious disagreements” with Alamoudi’s views, but defended her long-time involvement with him as part of the Clinton administration’s peace efforts. For instance, Clinton had had Alamoudi draw up the guest list for the official White House celebration of Ramadan in 1996. Yet this was after he had protested President Clinton’s decision to meet with author Salman Rushdie, and after he had denied that Hamas was a terrorist group. Last year Alamoudi pled guilty to charges of taking part in a plot to assassinate a Saudi prince and laundering money from Libya, allegedly to fund terrorist groups.

- Nn the late ’80s, as chairman of the far-left New World Foundation, Clinton oversaw a grant of $15,000 to an organization called Grassroots International, which funded two groups with close ties to the Palestine Liberation Organization. When the incident came to light in 1992, Clinton responded by denying any knowledge that the money had been “diverted” to PLO-affiliated groups.

- Also among Clinton’s New World grantees was the Communist-party-affiliated National Lawyers Guild, to which the foundation gave $15,000 in 1987, according to Daniel Wattenberg. What was the Guild doing at the time? Well, for example, just a year earlier it had joined the November 29th Committee for Palestine — a reported front group for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — in protesting Israel’s deportation of accused terrorists from the West Bank.

Senator Israel: Hillary Clinton runs from her past.)

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