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Monday, November 14, 2005

Heisman 2005

If Matt Leinart wins the Heisman Trophy over either Vince Young, Brady Quinn or Drew Olsen, it would be a complete travesty. There can be no argument that Leinart is the best player in the country, hell he isn't even the best player on his team. If USC didn't have Reggie Bush they would've lost at least one game this year (to ND) and probably 2 more to Oregon and ASU.

Judge for yourself:
Matt Leinart: 211-of-318 passing, 3,017 yards, 23 touchdowns, 7 interceptions; 35 rushes, 34 yards, 5 touchdowns

Vince Young: 155-of-244 passing, 2,414 yards, 22 touchdowns, 8 interceptions; 117 rushes, 774 yards, 8 touchdowns

Brady Quinn: 217-of-330 passing, 2,931 yards, 27 touchdowns, 5 interceptions

Drew Olsen: 218-of-322 passing, 2,909 yards, 30 touchdowns, 3 interceptions

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