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Friday, November 11, 2005

Has This Man No Conscious?

This man is solely responsible for the greatest degradation of the Office of the President in the history of our country, a total embarrassment and responsible for doing more harm to the image of the United States abroad than any other American representative in our country's history.

And he has the balls to host an "academic conference" about his own legacy and call his own abuse of power, lying under oath and disbarment, as an'"egregious" abuse of the Constitution".

Clinton is a disgrace. A lying, phony, philander. A lot of times in the past I was willing to cut him some slack. The current President has gone out of his way to include Clinton on hurricane relief and as a representative after the tsunami in Asia, but I will no longer defend his heinous and embarrassing career after he has stabbed both Presidents Bush in the back countless times and ceaselessly and shamelessly self-promoted his own bogus "legacy" and pimped himself around the country as "William Jefferson Clinton", in the hopes that popular history will remember him as a a stalwart leader instead of what he really was, a halfass, arrogant, sexist, lying, sex-fiend who breezed through the easiest 8 years of a presidency in our nation's history.

For shame.

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