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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Palestinians throw 2 firebombs at Hadassah Hospital at Mt. Scopus; no casualties (Israel Radio)

This is right next to where I lived in Jerusalem and its another brilliant move by Palestinian hooligans since Hadassah is one of the few Israeli hospitals that provides care to Palestinians in East Jerusalem, far superior medical care than they would receive anywhere else in their own neighborhoods. Simply brilliant.

UPDATE: Palestinians throw two firebombs at entrance to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem

Palestinians threw two firebombs at entrance to Hadassah University Hospital, Mt. Scopus, in northern Jerusalem early on Thursday evening, Israel Radio reported. The firebombs exploded on the road and there were no casualties in the incident.

This was the latest in a series of incidents that began Wednesday when dozens of youths from the East Jerusalem village of Issawiya, located adjacent to the hospital, rioted after a police officer shot to death a village resident who had tried to run him over.

The incident occurred during a police chase after a village resident suspected of breaking into a car in the nearby French Hill neighborhood. After the suspect was nabbed at the entrance to the the village and taken to the French Hill area, a commercial vehicle arrived on the scene. Police claim the driver tried to run one of the officers over, and the officer shot and killed the driver.

According to police, the incident began when the Lavi unit in the city's police department commenced an operation in Issawiya, aimed at nabbing a person identified Tuesday as breaking into a car in the French Hill neighborhood. Police officers reached the entrance to the village, waited for the suspect and arrested him. Police sources said that dozens of youths witnessed the police action, approached the officers and tried to prevent the suspect's arrest.

Concurrently, they began pushing the suspect's vehicle back into the village.Police officers handcuffed the suspect and took him to a junction in the French Hill neighborhood.

Police said that while at the junction, a car driven by Samir Rivhi Dari, 36, from Issawiya, drove toward the officers and tried to run over one of them. He made a u-turn and tried to flee the area, and was shot dead by a police officer. Police sources claim that passengers in the car pushed the wounded Dari out and fled back to the village.

Magen David Adom workers who arrived at the scene rushed Dari to the nearby Hadassah University Hospital, Mt. Scopus, where he died of his wounds.Village residents claimed that Dari had not tried to run over an officer, and that he was murdered by police.

According to an Issawiya resident, Dari, the father of three, owns a transportation company in the village and the man suspected of breaking into the car in French Hill is his nephew. He went on to say that Dari heard that his nephew had been arrested and wanted to reach the area to try to assist him.When they heard that Dari had been killed, dozens of youths tried to set out in the direction of the hospital. Police officers prevented them from advancing by firing shots in the air; they employed gas and stun grenades to chase them back into the village.

A separate group of village residents was able to reach the hospital area and set a nearby car on fire, badly damaging it.Another group of youths tried to reach the hospital and was prevented from doing so by police officers.

"Apparently the police does not want calm in the area. They murdered Samir and renewed our intifada here. All entrances to the village are blocked and resident went out to block the road and to burn tires," one resident of the village said.Hani Isswi, another resident of the village, said, "Relatives went to the hospital area to check on the wounded. When they found out that he died, they asked to take the body and prevent it from being take to Abu Kabir [forensic institute]. Then a confrontation began with police near the hospital." I

sswi added that, "Dari was a quiet guy. He is a known figure in the village and is considered a respectable man. Many people, including those from the Peres Center for Peace, worked with his transportation company."

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