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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Are American politicians FINALLY getting serious about defending our southern border?

Probably not, but regular readers of this site know I have long been a proponent of the US building a separation/defensive wall to protect California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas from illegal border infiltration.

Now, the people over at "We Need A Fence" have begun rallying support among civilians and lawmakers alike.

The USA Today reports that: a powerful Republican lawmaker this week proposed building such a fence across the entire border and two dozen other lawmakers signed on. And via the Internet, a group called has raised enough money to air TV ads warning that the border is open to terrorists.

Even at the Homeland Security Department, which opposes building a border-long fence, Secretary Michael Chertoff this fall waived environmental laws so that construction can continue on a 14-mile section of fence near San Diego that has helped border agents stem the flow of illegal migrants and drug runners.

"You have to be able to enforce your borders," says California Rep. Duncan Hunter, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. He's proposing a fence from San Diego to Brownsville, Texas. "It's no longer just an immigration issue. It's now a national security issue."

It's a start, let's up other politicians will jump on board and all other residents of the South West who are concerned about defending America will support this. Will another 9-11 have to happen before this country takes defending our borders seriously?

Do your part, sign the petition or read the blog.

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