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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why I wasn't "scared" to ride buses in Israel.

Here is the text of Nicholas Burns' speech today at SAIS re: Iran.

If weapons capability was not Iran’s ultimate objective, why would its leaders have hidden such sensitive aspects of its nuclear activities for 18 years, only acknowledging their efforts when confronted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)? Why has Iran refused to grant the IAEA access to documents, sites and people the Agency has requested to see? If Iran’s nuclear aims were peaceful, why would this country continue to insist it must have now an independent uranium conversion and enrichment capability, even though it has no need for enriched uranium for nuclear power generation for at least a decade?

Why, when the Iranian regime was elected on a pledge of economic recovery, would Iran continue spending billions of dollars on a nuclear infrastructure it does not need? Why is Iran operating a uranium conversion facility and constructing a heavy water reactor in defiance of the IAEA Board, which found Iran in September to be in non-compliance with its safeguards obligations? Finally, why would Iran, according to IAEA Director General Mohammed El Baradei, have information for casting and machining enriched uranium metal into hemispheres – information which clearly applies only to nuclear weapons?

Man, I guess Stanford wasn't joking about building a new stadium. Just 4 days after playing ND at Stanford, the stadium is but a hole in the ground.

So it's pretty obvious Bush is going to put the pressure on Iran from now until the next time the IAEA meets.

Here's what we know, yesterday the United States and Israel conducted a strategic dialogue led by Under Secretary for Political Affairs Nicholas Burns and Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Tzachi Hanegbi.

Attending the meeting from the Israeli side: Ambassador to the U.S. Daniel Ayalon, the Directors General of Israel's Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, and National Security Advisor and other senior officials. The U.S. side was represented by:Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte, National Security Advisor to the Vice President John Hannah, Ambassador Richard Jones, Assistant Secretary Welch, and NSC Director Elliott Abrams.

Today in Haretz, Military Intelligence Chief Major General Aharon Ze'evi said in comments made before the Knesset, that "If by the end of March 2006 the international community will have failed to halt Iran's attempts to acquire nuclear weapons, diplomatic efforts on the matter will be pointless, and international attempts to prevent Iran from attaining nuclear weapons will have failed". Obviously the US and Iran were sharing intel on Iran's nuke program during their meeting yesterday and, more than likely, coordinating how to direct a PR campaign against Iran and their pursuit of a nuclear weapons program.

Today, Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns spoke at the Johns Hopkins University's Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) regarding American relations with Iran. Burns laid out a great summary of American-Iranian relations since the 1979 Islamic Revolution and said that not just American, but world pressure, especially from non-aligned countries like Brazil, China, India and Russia, were coalescing against Iran. I'm not really sure I'm buying the Administration and State's reading of the situation re: the Iranian's people call for a Democratic Iran, I would be surprised if we had any reliable intelligence on that from the ground in Iran, his question regarding Iran's nuke program were pithy and stark. I'll try to get a copy of that posted on here as soon as I can find a transcript.

And of course, Michael Ledeen knows what's best of Iran. He's got his usual piece on the National Review's website calling for the administration to hurry up and overthrow the Mullahs.

Get ready to be hearing a lot more about Iran in the news and out of the White House the next few weeks.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

DeNile is not just a river in Egypt.

Quote of the Day
“Here's an interesting fact that came out today. The uniforms the Border Patrol wears are made in Mexico. Did you know that? I was shocked. Hey, why aren't these uniforms made in China?” -Jay Leno

One Democrat I'd Vote For...
Sen. Joseph Lieberman is making a concerted case this morning to keep the US military in Iraq to complete the job, rather than pull out immediately, as some of his fellow Democrats have demanded. In addition to an op-ed piece in today’s Wall Street Journal (enter to read), Lieberman also made an appearance on CNN this morning, where, after his fourth visit to Iraq over the past 18 months, Lieberman said, “I did see progress. It’s not perfect, obviously, but I saw progress economically, militarily and politically.”

Lieberman added, “The economy is beginning to move. Politically, there’s a full-fledged campaign going on in Iraq now for the national assembly elections in December, and there’s an independent -- a large number of independent television stations and newspapers covering it. Militarily, the Iraqis are beginning to show a much more self-sufficiency. They’re a long way from being able to take it on their own, and that’s why we have to be careful not to withdraw too soon, but progress really is being made.” Asked about criticism by those who believe things are not going well, Lieberman said, “Look, this is a war. And the more I go back there, the more I see it as a war between 27 million Iraqis – that’s just about their total population – who really want to live a better, freer, safer life, who feel liberated to be rid of Saddam Hussein, and 10,000 terrorists who are prepared to blow themselves up and to go at the Iraqi people and American military who are trying to protect the Iraqi people.”

Lieberman added that if the terrorists “should win there, which is to say to get us out before the country is stable, I think it’ll have disastrous effects not only on Iraq and the Middle East, but on American security.” Lieberman also said polls he saw show Iraqis “are quite optimistic about their future even as the American people, unfortunately, become more pessimistic about how we’re doing in Iraq. I think there are reasons for optimism if we don’t cut and leave too soon.”

Terrorists love peace activists.

A new permanent link has been added to the "Required Reading" section: FAQ about Palestine.

Great site with good fact-based historical research including a page devoted to maps of the conflict. Very informative for the Palestinian-Israeli layperson.

Today's Edition of "Political Correctness Run Amok" Brought to you by...The People's Republic of Massachusets: Massachusetts town removes painting of Mayflower colonists from town hall because women weren't allowed to vote in 1620.

Well, it's official...

Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres leaves the Labour Party to join Ariel Sharon's government.

This was an advertisement link from the NY Times. I can't believe they would actually accept money from that terrorist tyrany to run the Mullah's propagahanda war against the US.

The explaination of why Iran is seeking Nuclear weapons is to typical of Muslim doublespeak it would be laughable if the country's president hadn't said that Israel should be "wiped off the map".

Check out the last paragraph:

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to non-proliferation and the elimination of nuclear weapons, and considers nuclear weapons and capability to produce or acquire them as detrimental to its security."

Huh? Does that make sense to anyone else?

Monday, November 28, 2005

That's what the !$&# I'm talkin about.

Sharon said to be wooing Shimon Peres as Kadima meets for the first time.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Thursday, November 24, 2005


I am not a great fan of German achievement. I believe, horrors! horrors!, that a Lexus or a Cadillac is better than a BMW or Mercedes. But I do acknowledge that Germans have a way with words. They created words that other languages simply do not have. Schadenfreude is such a word. In case you are not familiar with it, it takes 7 English words to define it: "malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others".

The dictionary also explains it with a quote from the New York Times about historian Peter Gay, who felt Schadenfreude as a Jewish child in Nazi-era Berlin, watching the Germans lose coveted gold medals in the 1936 Olympics; he said that it "can be one of the great joys of life."
All this is a prelude to inform you that I felt-and greatly enjoyed Schadenfreude recently.

A friend had recently come back from a trip to Russia. He told us that he saw beautiful flowers at an expensive flower shop in Moscow and asked where these out-of-season flowers had come from. "Holland," he was told. "Most of our flowers come from Holland but the Dutch buy a lot of them from Israel and resell them throughout Europe. We are lucky to get them. They are so beautiful"

Another friend spent a week in the French countryside where he enjoyed a wonderful tasty fruit, apparently some kind of a cross of a peach and a plum. He asked what it was and was told that it was imported from Israel, the only place where it was cultivated.

I am sure that at least some of the flowers, fruit and vegetables that cater to European sophisticates came from the more than 3000 Gaza greenhouses. They were all built on barren empty land by the Jews who-until a few years ago, employed over 12,000 Palestinians there. Since the start of the last intifada and several terror attacks by the more demented employees, the number of Arabs working the greenhouses was drastically reduced and Thais, Africans and Filipinos replaced them.

During the months of preparation for the Israeli withdrawal there were many questions on what should be done with the greenhouses. They were state-of-art agricultural marvels with their own sophisticated temperature and humidity control systems, they turned out millions of dollars worth of produce yearly and they were a source of employment for thousands of people in an area where close to 40% were unemployed. Should these marvelous structures be destroyed? Moved? Abandoned?

And then a wonderful and heartwarming solution was found. A small group of wealthy American Jews decided to buy the greenhouses from Israel and donate them to the Palestinian Authority. One of the donors was former World Bank president James Wolfensohn who put up $500,000 of his own money. All in all, $14 million was collected, the deal was done and appreciative Palestinian spokesmen announced that the greenhouses would become the cornerstone of the future Palestinian economy.

So where is the Schadenfreude, you say? Happy ending for all, right? Palestinians get the greenhouses, Israelis get $14 million and the small group of admirable Jews in America get the warm feeling of having made the world a more tolerant and loving place where Arabs appreciate Jewish kindness and are less eager to murder Jews, right?

Well, no, not really. Have you heard the old story about a scorpion that asked a fox to carry him across a river? The fox refused: "You are a scorpion and you might sting me," he said. The scorpion scoffed. "Don't be ridiculous. Why would I sting you? We would both drown if I do," he said. The fox thought this made sense and told him to climb on his back. Halfway across the river the scorpion stung the fox. "Why? Why did you do this? We'll both drown," cried the drowning fox. " I know, my friend, but this is the Middle East," said the scorpion before dying. It's in my nature.

Just an hour or so after the Jews left Gaza thousands of Palestinians swarmed into the empty settlements . The Palestinian police watched the mob demolish the abandoned synagogues and set them on fire. They also watched with interest as part of the crowd turned on the greenhouses breaking windows, taking plates of glass, wiring, computer and electronic parts and irrigation pipes and timers. It didn't take long-after a few hours or so the greenhouses that it had taken years to build were just so much junk. And so I have Schadenfreude. The Palestinians will not export flowers to Holland or fruit to France.

The greenhouses will not be rebuilt. The Palestinian economy, such as it is, will continue to be mired in corruption, hatred and violence. They will suffer-Schadenfreude-but still they'll never admit that it was their own fault. And I have Schadenfreude towards the naive rich Jews who thought that the Arab reaction to their gift would be based on logic and not on inbred hatred. You silly people, didn't you learn yet that this is the Middle East where scorpions sting even if this means their own destruction? You lost $14 million and, you know, I am glad you did. I only hope that Israel cashed the $14 million check before it was too late.

Si Frumkin is a Lithuanian-born Holocaust survivor and a veteran leader of the Soviet Jewry movement in Los Angeles.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Real Story of the First Thanksgiving
By Benjamin Franklin (1785)

“There is a tradition that in the planting of New England, the first settlers met with many difficulties and hardships, as is generally the case when a civiliz’d people attempt to establish themselves in a wilderness country. Being so piously dispos’d, they sought relief from heaven by laying their wants and distresses before the Lord in frequent set days of fasting and prayer. Constant meditation and discourse on these subjects kept their minds gloomy and discontented, and like the children of Israel there were many dispos’d to return to the Egypt which persecution had induc’d them to abandon.

“At length, when it was proposed in the Assembly to proclaim another fast, a farmer of plain sense rose and remark’d that the inconveniences they suffer’d, and concerning which they had so often weary’d heaven with their complaints, were not so great as they might have expected, and were diminishing every day as the colony strengthen’d; that the earth began to reward their labour and furnish liberally for their subsistence; that their seas and rivers were full of fish, the air sweet, the climate healthy, and above all, they were in the full enjoyment of liberty, civil and religious.

“He therefore thought that reflecting and conversing on these subjects would be more comfortable and lead more to make them contented with their situation; and that it would be more becoming the gratitude they ow’d to the divine being, if instead of a fast they should proclaim a thanksgiving. His advice was taken, and from that day to this, they have in every year observ’d circumstances of public felicity sufficient to furnish employment for a Thanksgiving Day, which is therefore constantly ordered and religiously observed.”

Sharon's Gamble
By reputation, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is the blunt, armored instrument of Israeli politics.

On the battlefield, Sharon was something like the tanks he led, a visceral juggernaut of a commander dedicated to offensive action. His courage, audacity and intuition inspired personal confidence.

Following Operation Peace in Galilee, the 1982 Israeli attack into Lebanon, one of Sharon's crack troops told me with pride: "Arik is the closest thing in the world to (George) Patton. Serve with him, and you feel it. You'll follow him anywhere."
"Following anywhere" can lead to ambush.

During the 1973 October War, Sharon's tanks barreled into Egyptian infantry positioned along the east bank of the Suez Canal. Sharon's attack was an audacious attempt to push Israeli forces into Egypt. The Egyptians, however, triggered a clever ambush. The Battle of Chinese Farm ended with abandoned and burning Israeli tanks littering the desert. Yet Israeli forces ultimately breached the canal, entered Africa and surrounded an entire Egyptian army.

Will Sharon's stratagem work? It appears Sharon has been maneuvering for months, planning for new elections in spring 2006. The BBC reported initial polls have Sharon beating Likud frontrunner Benjamin Netanyahu and Labor's new populist leader, Amir Peretz.

Past attempts to establish an Israeli "center" have fared poorly, but they weren't led by a man with Sharon's charisma, stamina and defense credentials.

A Small Step, But a Step

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This is too classic!
Democrats and the Mullahs in Iran Unite...Demanding Bush give a timetable for withdrawl. Simply stunning, like something out of the Onion.

Too Late?

In 1982, the Saudi government took complete control of Aramco (the Arabian American Oil Co.) after four decades of co-ownership with a consortium of major oil companies. Since then Aramco has never released field-by-field figures for its oil production. In fact, no OPEC member is very forthcoming. The cartel sets production quotas according to a country's reserves, so each member has reason to exaggerate. Meanwhile, OPEC nations are constantly cheating one another by overproducing, so none wants to publish official statistics.

Almost 900f Saudi production comes from six giant fields, all of them discovered before 1967. The "king" of this grouping -- the 2000-square-mile Ghawar field near the Persian Gulf -- is the largest oil field in the world. But if Saudi geology follows the pattern found elsewhere, it is unlikely that any new fields lie nearby. Indeed, Aramco has prospected extensively outside the Ghawar region but found nothing of significance. In particular, the Arab D stratum -- the source rock of the Ghawar field -- has long since eroded in other parts of the Arabian Peninsula. The six major fields, having all produced at or near capacity for almost 40 years, are showing signs of age. All require extensive water injection to maintain their current flow.

Still, the experience in America and the rest of the world shows that oil fields don't last forever. Prudhoe Bay, which was producing 1.2 million barrels a day five years after being brought on line in 1976, is now down to less than 400,000.The mystery of Saudi oil capacity bears an eerie resemblance to Saddam Hussein's apparent belief that his scientists had developed weapons of mass destruction. Who are the deceivers and who is the deceived?

Monday, November 21, 2005


This is by far Sharon's biggest political gamble in a military and political career on built on risk-taking. Sharon met with Israeli President Moshe Katsav today and called for a immediate elections which could be held as soon as 90 days. Sharon will announce that he intends to leave the hawkish Likud Party, which he helped find and which has turned on him since Sharon announced his Disengagement Plan from Gaza.

What to look for...Ehud Olmert, who was considered to be a Likud favorite to be Prime Minister some day, will probably join Sharon's new party. Expect Benjamin Netanyahu, who helped galvanize the Likud against Sharon, to be on Likud's list as Prime Minister.

Sharon is naming his party "National Responsibility".
Sharon's new party aims to attract 14 Likud MKs, which would then grant it the status of "breakaway faction," and entitle it to some of the Likud's state funding.

Numerous non-Likud personalities were also reportedly planning to stand with the prime minister, including former Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter, Ben Gurion University President Avishai Braverman, Professor Uriel Reichman and former Likud minister Dan Meridor, who has expressed a desire to return to politics.

Vice Premier Shimon Peres, who engaged Sunday in long talks with Sharon regarding future cooperation, will not leave the Labor Party to join Sharon's new party, Peres' aides said Monday.

Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, who is expected to hand in his letter of resignation Monday along with the other Labor cabinet members, said Sharon's decision presented Labor with "an historic opportunity to contend with not just Likud, but with another party," said "We need to consider now who will bring the central economic and social salvation - [Benjamin] Netanyahu, Sharon or Labor," he added.

The new Labor leader Amir Peretz broke up Sharon’s government coalition by ordering the party’s eight ministers to hand in their resignations Monday and prepare for an early election. The decision was ratified by the Labor central committee Sunday. The partnership held together for 10 months around the common Sharon-Labor goal of evacuating the Gaza Strip. This same goal split Likud irreparably, a large faction declaring war on the party leader prime minister Sharon. Since Peretz’s election two weeks ago, Sharon found his options dwindling sharply. After turning his back on Likud, he has the choice of building a new party to fight the election or retiring.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Syriana; Liberal Drivel or Relevant Political-Thriller?

I would argue the later.

While some are concerned that George Clooney's starring in the film means it will be a Bush-bashing, anti-Corporation propaganda piece I know the movie is loosely based on Robert Baer's book "See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's War on Terrorism" (that's what this article on Fox News said, but I have a feeling the movie is probably based on Baer's other book "Sleeping With the Devil: How Washington Sold Our Soul for Saudi Crude") .

At any rate, I've read about 60% of Baer's Book See No Evil and I would say for anyone wanting to know what goes on with the inner-workings of the CIA, this book is a must-read.

Syriana is a thriller but it can be a bit confusing. The basic story is that an oil company has set up shop in the Gulf, just as a merger is going through. The local royal Arab family is in the middle of a succession as the Emir (king) is about to step aside for one of his two sons: an idiot, and a sensitive, forward thinker. (Guess who gets the job.) Clooney plays a CIA agent who’s a little over the hill and washed up. But he’s onto the fact that the government and the oil companies are trying to stay in control through the manipulation of who becomes king.

Basically "Syriana," writer/director Stephen Gaghan, former CIA agent Bob Baer, and producers George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh have made a thriller for people who read The Financial Times and The Economist. For me, especially considering Hollywood never comes up with anything original anymore, this is reason enough to pay 8 bucks.

This is Bob Baer, a picture taken during one of his stints as an officer in Lebanon. In his book "See No Evil" Baer successfully tracked the bombing of the CIA headquarters in Beirut, whicdecimateded the CIA's intelligence gathering in Lebanon for decades, back to terrorists funded by Iran and Yasser Arafat. Really his book is a must read for anyone who is really interested in the way terrorists operate, especially by people who think there was no link between Saddam Hussein and UBL.

The Trailer is here.

US forces and forensic experts are examining the bodies of eight high-ranking al Qaeda leaders in Mosul to find out if their chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is among them.

A sample of his DNA is in American possession for a match-up.

The bodies they are trying to identify are of 7 men and one woman, who blew themselves up Sunday, Nov. 20, after their hideout in northern Iraq was laid to siege by a large US force, backed by tanks and helicopters. The bodies are burned black and unrecognizable. Four Iraqi security officers were killed and 10 injured in the operation. Eleven US troops were wounded.

Another example of how we're winning the real war, but you'd never know it.

Coming up this week:

Tehran-UN nuclear showdown nears as Iran’s lawmakers order government to bar inspections if its nuclear activities are referred to the Security Council

Ahead of critical IAEA board meeting in four days, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said referral would be a political maneuver as there is no evidence of Iran producing anything other than energy.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Did you hear no Jews died on 9-11?
Well at least this is that vile that is spread in Middle Eastern schools and coffee shops all over the Arab World. Israelis are already being blamed by Palestinians in Jordan for the recent bombings in Amman. On the heals of this is a documentary seeking to shed a light on the phenomenon of Anti-Semitic slander since 9-11 (and I would argue since the beginning of the Intifada in 2000).

In this eye-opening documentary, filmmaker Marc Levin explores the resurgence of anti-Semitism in the wake of September 11th. Not long after 9/11, Levin was riding in a New York taxi when his driver, an Egyptian immigrant, made the disturbing claim that the Jews had been warned not to go to work at the World Trade Center on the day of the attack. The driver then said that "it's all written in the book," referring to 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,' a notorious forgery created 100 years ago this year, purporting to be the Jews' master plan to rule the world. Long ago, discredited as a fake, 'The Protocols' was a crucial influence on Hitler, and has fueled hatred, violence and ultimately genocide through the first half of the twentieth century. Levin soon discovered that 'The Protocols' seem as popular as ever -- they are sold on Amazon and until recently at Wal-Mart. Deeply disturbed by this phenomenon, Levin embarked on a personal odyssey to learn more. Armed with his camera and appearing on screen along with his subjects, Levin engages in a free-for-all dialogue with Arab Americans, Black nationalists, Christian evangelists, White supremacists, Kabbalist rabbis, Holocaust survivors and the founder of the amazingly popular Jew Watch Web site. Levin's genuinely curious and sometimes confrontational conversations combine to form a probing and provocative portrait of our so-called modern civilization caught in the grips of a most ancient hatred.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Are American politicians FINALLY getting serious about defending our southern border?

Probably not, but regular readers of this site know I have long been a proponent of the US building a separation/defensive wall to protect California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas from illegal border infiltration.

Now, the people over at "We Need A Fence" have begun rallying support among civilians and lawmakers alike.

The USA Today reports that: a powerful Republican lawmaker this week proposed building such a fence across the entire border and two dozen other lawmakers signed on. And via the Internet, a group called has raised enough money to air TV ads warning that the border is open to terrorists.

Even at the Homeland Security Department, which opposes building a border-long fence, Secretary Michael Chertoff this fall waived environmental laws so that construction can continue on a 14-mile section of fence near San Diego that has helped border agents stem the flow of illegal migrants and drug runners.

"You have to be able to enforce your borders," says California Rep. Duncan Hunter, the Republican chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. He's proposing a fence from San Diego to Brownsville, Texas. "It's no longer just an immigration issue. It's now a national security issue."

It's a start, let's up other politicians will jump on board and all other residents of the South West who are concerned about defending America will support this. Will another 9-11 have to happen before this country takes defending our borders seriously?

Do your part, sign the petition or read the blog.

The following companies support the killing of innocent civilians and the spread of Islamic Fascism through mass murder and terrorism:

Network Solutions, Herndon, Virginia

Intercosmos Media Group Inc., New Orleans, Louisiana

Who, exactly, is lying about Iraq?

Israeli President becomes first Israeli head of state to visit Vatican.

This is pretty significant for both Israel and the Vatican and even though it appears the Vatican is warming up to Israel to settle Israeli tax policies regarding land in Israel owned by the Holy See, the visit by Katsav could have implications for future Catholic-Jewish dialogue.

A satelitte launched by Iran for what they claimed would be "scientific purposes" is capable of spying on Israel announced the head of Tehran's space program.

This is clearly a country we can trust with a "civilian" nuclear program. Their president only said Israel should be "wiped off the map", it's not like he would ever use his civilian nuclear program to develop WMDs and use them against the Jewish State, right...?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Good to see New Orleans is getting back to normal...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Remember the fuss 20 years ago about how acid rain was going to destroy our forests and lakes and basically end civilization as we know it? Well, it didn't.

Global warming anyone?

Would-be Iraqi suicide bomber Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi lost three brothers in U.S. attacks

So I guess if her brothers were "insurgents" who died fighting in Iraq, then she too must be a "freedom fighter", or a modern-day "Minute Man" like Michael Moore would say, or I guess we could also call her an "insurgent". But not a terrorist, she's definitely not that.

Dennis Prager says it for me:

Jordanians are shocked that Islamic terrorists would blow up families, including families celebrating a wedding. They are so shocked that for the first time in history, Muslims have taken to publicly demonstrating against Islamic terror.

And why are they shocked? Because the terrorists blew up Jordanians. As long as Islamic terrorists blew up men, women and children who are Jewish, Christian, Hindu, American, Australian and black Sudanese, the Arab and larger Muslim worlds were not particularly disturbed. In fact, Palestinians, who comprise the majority of Jordan's population, celebrated when Jews were blown up at Passover seders and at weddings. And they took to the streets and cheered in the Palestinian fashion, handing out candy, when Americans were incinerated in office buildings.

For some reason, Palestinians, most other Arabs and many Muslims around the world thought that the credulity-straining evil of targeting the most innocent for death, paralysis, blindness and brain damage would be confined to non-Arabs and non-Muslims. In fact, the idea that this Palestinian-made cancer would target Arab Muslims is so inconceivable to most Arabs that many now believe the terror attack in Amman was orchestrated by Jews (the Israeli Mossad).

Of course, Arab Muslim men, women and children are blown up almost weekly in Iraq, but, hey, that's OK because the monsters doing it hate America and seek Israel's annihilation. And in the Arab world -- and in much of the Muslim and leftist worlds -- hatred of America and Israel gets you a moral pass. In the Arab/Muslim worlds (with individual exceptions, of course), as among the world's leftists, an act is almost incapable of being judged evil if it is committed by those who hate America (especially the America of George W. Bush) or Israel.

In a previous column, I proposed that supporters of the war in Iraq ask opponents of the war just one question: Without in any way compromising your opposition to the war, would you at least acknowledge that the people we are fighting in Iraq are evil? Virtually every one of the many letters I received from readers opposed to the war was incapable of answering in the positive. By fighting America and George W. Bush, the "insurgents" are essentially inoculated against moral judgment.

Likewise it has been nearly impossible for the Arab, Muslim and leftist worlds to morally condemn the blowing up of Israelis.

"Palestinians have no Apache helicopters -- what do you expect them to do?"

"They are simply resisting occupation."

"The Israelis are also terrorists."

These arguments of the Left, the Arab world and countless other Muslims have given the Islamic terrorists the moral green light to continue their atrocities.

Until, that is, they inflicted one of these atrocities on Arabs in the land of the Palestinians. So, at least for the time being, the sight of charred and dismembered Arab families at a wedding has trumped the anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's killers.Now there is widespread condemnation of Zarqawi's terror in Jordan.

There is even a fear that the name of Islam will suffer. Unfortunately, however, it is only because Zarqawi was foolish enough to massacre Jordanian civilians, and not confine his massacres to Iraqis and non-Arabs. What has aroused Arab voices against Zarqawi has nothing to do with the immorality of blowing up people celebrating at a wedding -- it has to do with the immorality of blowing up Muslims celebrating at a wedding.

Nevertheless, it is possible that a moral awakening of sorts may be taking place in parts of the Arab world. The London Telegraph reports that "Munder Moomeni, a 38-year-old former soldier who lives next to Zarqawi's house, 13 Ramzi Street, described his former neighbour as 'a bastard.' 'By killing Jordanians here in Jordan, civilian Jordanians going to a wedding, they did something that not even a Jew would do,' he said."

That a neighbor and former supporter of Zarqawi publicly acknowledged that Jews would not engage in such terror may be a first step toward the moral awakening that the Arab world needs even more than oil revenues.

It may even come to realize the greatest truth regarding terror and evil: People who blow up Israeli weddings and cut Americans' throats are very bad people. And if you don't fight them, they will eventually blow you up, too.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Why USC (or Miami, FSU, Michigan, etc. al) will NEVER be Notre Dame...


Five questions non-Muslims would like answered

By Dennis Prager, Dennis Prager's nationally syndicated radio show is heard daily in Los Angeles on KRLA-AM (870).

THE RIOTING IN France by primarily Muslim youths and the hotel bombings in Jordan are the latest events to prompt sincere questions that law-abiding Muslims need to answer for Islam's sake, as well as for the sake of worried non-Muslims. Here are five of them:

(1) Why are you so quiet?

Since the first Israelis were targeted for death by Muslim terrorists blowing themselves up in the name of your religion and Palestinian nationalism, I have been praying to see Muslim demonstrations against these atrocities. Last week's protests in Jordan against the bombings, while welcome, were a rarity. What I have seen more often is mainstream Muslim spokesmen implicitly defending this terror on the grounds that Israel occupies Palestinian lands. We see torture and murder in the name of Allah, but we see no anti-torture and anti-murder demonstrations in the name of Allah.There are a billion Muslims in the world. How is it possible that essentially none have demonstrated against evils perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Islam? This is true even of the millions of Muslims living in free Western societies. What are non-Muslims of goodwill supposed to conclude? When the Israeli government did not stop a Lebanese massacre of Palestinians in the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982, great crowds of Israeli Jews gathered to protest their country's moral failing. Why has there been no comparable public demonstration by Palestinians or other Muslims to morally condemn Palestinian or other Muslim-committed terror?

(2) Why are none of the Palestinian terrorists Christian?

If Israeli occupation is the reason for Muslim terror in Israel, why do no Christian Palestinians engage in terror? They are just as nationalistic and just as occupied as Muslim Palestinians.

(3) Why is only one of the 47 Muslim-majority countries a free country?

According to Freedom House, a Washington-based group that promotes democracy, of the world's 47 Muslim countries, only Mali is free. Sixty percent are not free, and 38% are partly free. Muslim-majority states account for a majority of the world's "not free" states. And of the 10 "worst of the worst," seven are Islamic states. Why is this?

(4) Why are so many atrocities committed and threatened by Muslims in the name of Islam?

Young girls in Indonesia were recently beheaded by Muslim murderers. Last year, Muslims — in the name of Islam — murdered hundreds of schoolchildren in Russia. While reciting Muslim prayers, Islamic terrorists take foreigners working to make Iraq free and slaughter them. Muslim daughters are murdered by their own families in the thousands in "honor killings." And the Muslim government in Iran has publicly called for the extermination of Israel.

(5) Why do countries governed by religious Muslims persecute other religions?

No church or synagogue is allowed in Saudi Arabia. The Taliban destroyed some of the greatest sculptures of the ancient world because they were Buddhist. Sudan's Islamic regime has murdered great numbers of Christians. Instead of confronting these problems, too many of you deny them. Muslims call my radio show to tell me that even speaking of Muslim or Islamic terrorists is wrong. After all, they argue, Timothy McVeigh is never labeled a "Christian terrorist."

As if McVeigh committed his terror as a churchgoing Christian and in the name of Christ, and as if there were Christian-based terror groups around the world.As a member of the media for nearly 25 years, I have a long record of reaching out to Muslims. Muslim leaders have invited me to speak at major mosques.

In addition, I have studied Arabic and Islam, have visited most Arab and many other Muslim countries and conducted interfaith dialogues with Muslims in the United Arab Emirates as well as in the U.S. Politically, I have supported creation of a Palestinian state and supported (mistakenly, I now believe) the Oslo accords.Hundreds of millions of non-Muslims want honest answers to these questions, even if the only answer you offer is, "Yes, we have real problems in Islam."

Such an acknowledgment is infinitely better — for you and for the world — than dismissing us as anti-Muslim.

We await your response.

Hillary the Hawk

Clinton did a 180 the other day in Jerusalem. The Junior Senator from New York, who is seen in that picture kissing the wife of Yasser Arafat, notorious terrorist and PA leader who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995, apparently now believes the Jews haev a right to defend themselves against terrorist attacks, and even more, believes they have the right to a state! Imagine that.

Let's just rehash Clinton's record on Israel, for the record:

-In 1998, Mrs. Clinton went far beyond official U.S. policy in declaring her support for the creation of a Palestinian state.

- Hillary also caused a stir in 1999 when she exchanged kisses with Yasser Arafat’s wife after the latter gave a ridiculous speech accusing Israel of poisoning Palestinian women and children.

- In October 2000, Candidate Clinton announced that she was returning contributions Alamoudi had made to her Senate campaign after he publicly declared, “We are all supporters of Hamas…. I am also a supporter of Hezbollah.” Clinton reportedly cited “serious disagreements” with Alamoudi’s views, but defended her long-time involvement with him as part of the Clinton administration’s peace efforts. For instance, Clinton had had Alamoudi draw up the guest list for the official White House celebration of Ramadan in 1996. Yet this was after he had protested President Clinton’s decision to meet with author Salman Rushdie, and after he had denied that Hamas was a terrorist group. Last year Alamoudi pled guilty to charges of taking part in a plot to assassinate a Saudi prince and laundering money from Libya, allegedly to fund terrorist groups.

- Nn the late ’80s, as chairman of the far-left New World Foundation, Clinton oversaw a grant of $15,000 to an organization called Grassroots International, which funded two groups with close ties to the Palestine Liberation Organization. When the incident came to light in 1992, Clinton responded by denying any knowledge that the money had been “diverted” to PLO-affiliated groups.

- Also among Clinton’s New World grantees was the Communist-party-affiliated National Lawyers Guild, to which the foundation gave $15,000 in 1987, according to Daniel Wattenberg. What was the Guild doing at the time? Well, for example, just a year earlier it had joined the November 29th Committee for Palestine — a reported front group for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — in protesting Israel’s deportation of accused terrorists from the West Bank.

Senator Israel: Hillary Clinton runs from her past.)

Heisman 2005

If Matt Leinart wins the Heisman Trophy over either Vince Young, Brady Quinn or Drew Olsen, it would be a complete travesty. There can be no argument that Leinart is the best player in the country, hell he isn't even the best player on his team. If USC didn't have Reggie Bush they would've lost at least one game this year (to ND) and probably 2 more to Oregon and ASU.

Judge for yourself:
Matt Leinart: 211-of-318 passing, 3,017 yards, 23 touchdowns, 7 interceptions; 35 rushes, 34 yards, 5 touchdowns

Vince Young: 155-of-244 passing, 2,414 yards, 22 touchdowns, 8 interceptions; 117 rushes, 774 yards, 8 touchdowns

Brady Quinn: 217-of-330 passing, 2,931 yards, 27 touchdowns, 5 interceptions

Drew Olsen: 218-of-322 passing, 2,909 yards, 30 touchdowns, 3 interceptions

Life Imitates Art...Kazakhstan threatens "Borat" with court

"We view Mr. Cohen's behaviour at the MTV Europe Music Awards as utterly unacceptable, being a concoction of bad taste and ill manners which is completely incompatible with ethics and civilised behaviour," Yerzhan Ashykbayev said, spokeman for the Kazakh Foreign Ministry, said.

High Politics in Latin America

Hugo Chavez: Don't mess with me.

Vincente Fox: I'm taking my ambassador and going home.

Hugo Chavez: Your mom.

Friday, November 11, 2005

If you haven't already seen the recent "thank you" commercials from the Kurds in Iraq to the American people, you can check them out here at The Other Iraq.

With a population of 5 million in an area larger than Switzerland or twice the size of New Jersey, it is surprising that this region remains largely undiscovered and commercially untapped.

The Government and the peoples of Kurdistan invite you to discover their peaceful region, a place that has practiced democracy for over a decade, a place where the universities, markets, cafes and fair grounds buzz with progress and prosperity and where the people are already sowing the seeds of a brighter future.

Has This Man No Conscious?

This man is solely responsible for the greatest degradation of the Office of the President in the history of our country, a total embarrassment and responsible for doing more harm to the image of the United States abroad than any other American representative in our country's history.

And he has the balls to host an "academic conference" about his own legacy and call his own abuse of power, lying under oath and disbarment, as an'"egregious" abuse of the Constitution".

Clinton is a disgrace. A lying, phony, philander. A lot of times in the past I was willing to cut him some slack. The current President has gone out of his way to include Clinton on hurricane relief and as a representative after the tsunami in Asia, but I will no longer defend his heinous and embarrassing career after he has stabbed both Presidents Bush in the back countless times and ceaselessly and shamelessly self-promoted his own bogus "legacy" and pimped himself around the country as "William Jefferson Clinton", in the hopes that popular history will remember him as a a stalwart leader instead of what he really was, a halfass, arrogant, sexist, lying, sex-fiend who breezed through the easiest 8 years of a presidency in our nation's history.

For shame.

It's hard to believe that other countries can actually question UN reform or why Americans do not support the United Nations when a bunch of corrupt, anti-Semite fascits sit around all day and pass resolutions agains the United States and Israel.

Go get em Bolton.

"Two institutions with similar values rekindling a lengthy and well-respected relationship makes this game special."

A CIA leak worth investigating, one that has harmed our national security.

'Burn in hell, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!'...

Jordanian blogger
Sabri Hakim has more images.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ashraf al-Akhras and his bride Nadia Alami posing to the camera during their wedding ceremony before a suicide bomber attacked their party wedding at the Radisson SAS hotel in Amman, Jordan, in this picture taken late Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005. The groom, Ashraf al-Akhras, suffered serious injuries and was rushed to an Amman hospital. The bride, Nadia Alami, escaped injury. But the newlyweds both lost their fathers.

The groom appeared in a BBC interview saying that the attack was against Islam and that Muslims should stand up to terrorism to prove to people all over the world that this is not what Islam is all about.

Palestinians throw 2 firebombs at Hadassah Hospital at Mt. Scopus; no casualties (Israel Radio)

This is right next to where I lived in Jerusalem and its another brilliant move by Palestinian hooligans since Hadassah is one of the few Israeli hospitals that provides care to Palestinians in East Jerusalem, far superior medical care than they would receive anywhere else in their own neighborhoods. Simply brilliant.

UPDATE: Palestinians throw two firebombs at entrance to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem

Palestinians threw two firebombs at entrance to Hadassah University Hospital, Mt. Scopus, in northern Jerusalem early on Thursday evening, Israel Radio reported. The firebombs exploded on the road and there were no casualties in the incident.

This was the latest in a series of incidents that began Wednesday when dozens of youths from the East Jerusalem village of Issawiya, located adjacent to the hospital, rioted after a police officer shot to death a village resident who had tried to run him over.

The incident occurred during a police chase after a village resident suspected of breaking into a car in the nearby French Hill neighborhood. After the suspect was nabbed at the entrance to the the village and taken to the French Hill area, a commercial vehicle arrived on the scene. Police claim the driver tried to run one of the officers over, and the officer shot and killed the driver.

According to police, the incident began when the Lavi unit in the city's police department commenced an operation in Issawiya, aimed at nabbing a person identified Tuesday as breaking into a car in the French Hill neighborhood. Police officers reached the entrance to the village, waited for the suspect and arrested him. Police sources said that dozens of youths witnessed the police action, approached the officers and tried to prevent the suspect's arrest.

Concurrently, they began pushing the suspect's vehicle back into the village.Police officers handcuffed the suspect and took him to a junction in the French Hill neighborhood.

Police said that while at the junction, a car driven by Samir Rivhi Dari, 36, from Issawiya, drove toward the officers and tried to run over one of them. He made a u-turn and tried to flee the area, and was shot dead by a police officer. Police sources claim that passengers in the car pushed the wounded Dari out and fled back to the village.

Magen David Adom workers who arrived at the scene rushed Dari to the nearby Hadassah University Hospital, Mt. Scopus, where he died of his wounds.Village residents claimed that Dari had not tried to run over an officer, and that he was murdered by police.

According to an Issawiya resident, Dari, the father of three, owns a transportation company in the village and the man suspected of breaking into the car in French Hill is his nephew. He went on to say that Dari heard that his nephew had been arrested and wanted to reach the area to try to assist him.When they heard that Dari had been killed, dozens of youths tried to set out in the direction of the hospital. Police officers prevented them from advancing by firing shots in the air; they employed gas and stun grenades to chase them back into the village.

A separate group of village residents was able to reach the hospital area and set a nearby car on fire, badly damaging it.Another group of youths tried to reach the hospital and was prevented from doing so by police officers.

"Apparently the police does not want calm in the area. They murdered Samir and renewed our intifada here. All entrances to the village are blocked and resident went out to block the road and to burn tires," one resident of the village said.Hani Isswi, another resident of the village, said, "Relatives went to the hospital area to check on the wounded. When they found out that he died, they asked to take the body and prevent it from being take to Abu Kabir [forensic institute]. Then a confrontation began with police near the hospital." I

sswi added that, "Dari was a quiet guy. He is a known figure in the village and is considered a respectable man. Many people, including those from the Peres Center for Peace, worked with his transportation company."

Still, I have to ask: Where is the outrage from the Muslim World?

Attacks Linked to Zarqawi

Major attacks, killings in Iraq linked to Jordanian terror suspect Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his followers:

— May 7, 2005: Two explosives-laden cars plow into an American security company convoy in Baghdad, killing at least 22 people — including two Americans.
— Feb. 28, 2005: A homicide car bomber strikes a crowd of police and Iraqi National Guard recruits in the southern city of Hillah, killing 125 people.
— Dec. 19, 2004: Car bombs tear through a funeral procession in Najaf and the main bus station in nearby Karbala, killing at least 60 people in the Shiite Muslim holy cities.
— Oct. 30, 2004: The body of hostage Shosei Koda, 24, of Japan, is found decapitated in Baghdad, his body wrapped in an American flag.
— Sept. 30, 2004: Bombings in Baghdad kill 35 children and seven adults as U.S. troops hand out candy at the inauguration of a sewage treatment plant. Al-Zarqawi's group claims responsibility for attacks that day, but it is unclear if these include the explosions that killed the children.
— Sept. 16, 2004: British engineer Kenneth Bigley, and U.S. engineers Jack Hensley and Eugene "Jack" Armstrong are kidnapped in Baghdad. By Oct. 10, 2004, all three men have been confirmed beheaded.
— Sept. 14, 2004: A car bomb rips through a busy market near a Baghdad police headquarters where Iraqis are waiting to apply for jobs, killing 47.
— Sept. 13, 2004: A video purportedly from al-Qaida in Iraq shows Durmus Kumdereli, a Turkish truck driver, being beheaded.
— Aug. 2, 1004: A video from followers of al-Zarqawi showing shooting death of hostage Murat Yuce of Turkey.
— June 29, 2004: Georgi Lazov, 30, and Ivaylo Kepov, 32, Bulgarian truck drivers are kidnapped. Al-Zarqawi's followers suspected of decapitating both men.
— June 22, 2004: Kidnappers behead South Korean hostage Kim Sun-il; Al-Jazeera television says the killing was carried out by al-Zarqawi's group.
— June 14, 2004: A car bomb attack on a vehicle convoy in Baghdad kills 13 people, including three General Electric employees.
— May 18, 2004: A car bomb assassinates Iraqi Governing Council president Abdel-Zahraa Othman.
— May 11, 2004: Kidnapped American businessman Nicholas Berg is beheaded while being videotaped, and the voice of the knife-wielder is identified as al-Zarqawi's.
— March 2, 2004: Coordinated blasts from homicide bombers, mortars and planted explosives strike Shiite Muslim shrines in Karbala and Baghdad, killing at least 181. U.S. and Iraqi officials link the attacks to al-Zarqawi.
— Aug. 29, 2003: A car bomb in Najaf kills more than 85 people, including Ayatollah Mohammad Baqr al-Hakim, leader of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq.
— Aug. 19, 2003: A truck bombing of U.N. headquarters in Baghdad kills 23, including top U.N. envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello.
— Oct. 28, 2002: Laurence Foley,a diplomat and administrator of U.S. aid programs in Jordan, is gunned down outside his home in Amman

Jordan Info.

All the information you need about
Jordan can be found from the CIA Factbook and Wikipedia.

Now Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and King Abdullah are not only great allies of the United States, but great friends. Zarqawi has killed fellow Muslims and Arabs, and at a wedding nonetheless. These killers can no longer use the excuse of the "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" as a justification for their gutless crimes, 60% of Jordanians are refugee Palestinians, so this too was an attack on Palestinians.

Make no mistake the King, whose grandfather was assassinated by Muslim radicals when King Husayn, will find these guys and will not cower to terrorists claims that Jordan "has become the backyard for Crusaders".

A typical pusillanimous piece from The Economist.

Jihad in Jordan.

Jordanians Rally .

And in case you were wondering, the elections yesterday were not a precursor to 2006. As Fred Barnes explains, Virginia votes local, not national

Always a Bridemaid, Never a Bride.

Demonstrating the incredibly pathetic state of the Labour Party, Shimon Peres was upset (again) by
Histadrut (and Israeli labor union) Chairman Amir Peretz.

How many times do you have to be upset in an election for it not to be considered an upset anymore? Poor Peres.

Oh that's right...we're Communists and have to ALL live in misery...

Cuba Cracks Down On Private Produce Trade

HAVANA -- The Cuban government has launched a campaign against private produce traders at the country's only free markets as part of a larger effort to rein in capitalist tendencies, which it charges breed corruption and inequality.
Police and inspectors raided markets in Havana this week, checking papers and fining and arresting some individuals.

Similar measures in the provinces over the last few weeks have left markets bare and long lines at state markets for whatever produce and meat was available.

The government strictly controls farm production, but allows some sales on the open market after farmers meet state quotas. "The most visible result is there are less products, longer lines and prices have not declined," a professor in Central Camaguey, where the drive began a few weeks ago, said in a telephone interview yesterday.

The ruling Communist party, bolstered by preferentially financed oil from Venezuela and credits from China, has taken to rolling back 1990s reforms it believes breed corruption and inequality.

The economy has been recentralized, heavy taxes imposed on family remittances and strict controls on hard currency. Of late, President Fidel Castro has railed at "the new rich" in speeches, promising tough measures to rein them in.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And I thought only American liberals were clueless about terrorism.

Liberal Spin on Yesterday's Elections

Trying their hardest to link yesterday's results to the President and his poor second-term performance liberals are trying to spin yesterday's events a little too hard.'s main page had a link proclaiming: "Dems score big in off-year elections", the story's headline after clicking the link is: "Democrats keep two governorships".

Only in the press and in liberal circles is holding onto seats of office you were favored to win considered "scoring big", good job Dems, keep it up.


Democrats scored big in Tuesday's off-year elections, keeping their grip on the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey, while Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's reform slate was soundly rejected in California.

It would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic. The defeat of Schwarzenegger's initiatives, however, was a blow for the governor and highlights how utterly clueless the voters of California really are. They prefer to have teacher's unions and overpaid bureaucrats in Sacramento making decisions about their lives then themselves. What else can you expect from the people who voted Gray Davis into office?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You...JIHAD!!!

Surprise!Iran wants the destruction of Israel (and America, England, France, Italy...)

A war of the worlds


America at war: Don't coddle terrorists ...

Paris When It Sizzles

The Fire in France

Given the opportunity, Iran will wipe Israel off the map

If the Problem Is Muslim Terror, Then What?

Same Old Shit from Iran-New President's Remarks Nothing New in Muslim World
In 1979, Khomeini declared the last Friday of Ramadan as al-Quds Day. This is the annual event in which Iranians protest against Israel and for the liberation of Jerusalem [al-Quds]. Iran's leadership continued to encourage anti-Israeli activity and Supreme Leader Khamenei has even referred to Israel as a "cancerous tumor".

While Jews are a recognized religious minority, allegations of official discrimination are frequent. The Government's anti-Israel policies, along with a perception among radical Muslims that all Jewish citizens support Zionism and the State of Israel, create a hostile atmosphere for the small community. Recent anti-American and anti-Israeli demonstrations have included the denunciation of "Jews," as opposed to the past practice of denouncing only "Israel" and "Zionism," adding to the threatening atmosphere for the community.

Under its clerical regime, Iran has also become the world’s most aggressive state sponsor of terrorism. In particular, Iran has increased its support for groups that seek the destruction of Israel. These include the Lebanese Hezbollah and such Palestinian groups as Hamas, the Palestine Islamic Jihad, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command. Iran has supplied these groups with funding, safe haven, training, and weapons. It has also encouraged Hezbollah and the Palestinian groups to coordinate their planning and increase their terrorist activities. Iran has also provided support to terrorist groups in the Persian Gulf, Africa, Turkey, and Central Asia. But in contrast to its increasing support for anti-Israel groups, Iran’s support for other terrorist groups has declined in recent years.

In December 2000, Ayatollah Khamene’i said that "Iran’s stance has always been clear on this ugly phenomenon (Israel). We have repeatedly said that this cancerous tumor of a state should be removed from the region." In February 2001, Khamene’i stated that, "It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region." In spring 2001 Khamene’i referred to the Israeli government this way: “the Zionist regime, as the symbol of bloodthirstiness [and] barbarianism,” and to its leaders as “wild beasts”.

In 2000 Iran’s so-called "moderate" President Mohammad Khatami called Israel an "illegal state." Last August he told a visiting Yasir Arafat that the peace process was doomed to fail and that, "All of Palestine must be liberated." On 25 April 2001, Khatami said Israel "is a parasite in the heart of the Muslim world." Under reformist President Khatami's eight-year tenure, Iran had shown signs of easing its hostility towards Israel. At that time Iranian officials had privately indicated that Tehran might not object to a two-state solution to the Arab-Israel dispute, if Palestinians supported it.

In 2000 Iran announced the formation of the International Anti-Zionist Movement, an eight-member alliance designed to undermine the peace process. The head of the organization is Mohsen Rezaie, the former head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and a close associate of Iran’s Supeme Leader, Ayatollah Khamene’i. A statement sent by the new organization to the heads of all Islamic states said, in part, "We ask you, before the vast storm of Islamic countries, to mobilize to destroy Israel and create problems for those governments who defend it..." Rezai said that, "Iran will continue its campaign against Zionism until Israel is completely eradicated."
"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," a text debunked many years ago as a fraud perpetrated by Czarist intelligence agents, continued to appear in Iran, not as a hoax, but as established fact. During 2004 many Iranian newspapers celebrated the one-hundredth anniversary of the publishing of the anti-Semitic "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

Concurrent with the World Qods Day and 13th of Aban (November 4), the student movement in 2004 held a series of conferences titled "World Without the US" with the aim of triggering an anti-arrogance wave at the national and international levels. Mohammad Baqer Zol Qadr, Deputy Chief of the Revolutionary Guards said "When we talk about the world without America, we mean a world governed by peace and justice, and in which there will be no sign of insecurity, troop movements, and attacking other nations. Unfortunately, today America is the symbol of these deficiencies and distortions."

A central headquarters has been formed to organize provincial and international headquarters to simultaneously hold a series of programs on “World Without Zionism“ in Iran and abroad. These programs will be conducted in different forms, including holding nationwide conferences on the issue, Qods vigil ceremony and special programs during rallies marking the World Qods Day.

The Union for Islamic Associations of Students in order to address Iranian students, particularly the Muslim youth and young adults, launched a website on "World Without Zionism" in Persian, English and Arabic. Two books titled "World Without the US" and "World Without Zionism" were also published and distributed throughout Iran.

In October 2005 the Union of Islamic Students Associations and Iran's House of Cartoons jointly sponsored a global competition on caricature, painting and graphic design under the main theme of "A World without Zionism." Students between the ages of 7 and 18 were invited to submit their art works to the organizing committee of the competition. The competition also focused on the themes "A World without America," "A Mirage Named Zionism," "The Wishes of a Palestinian Student," and "The Intifada."

On 26 October 2005, speaking at a seminar entitled "World without Zionism," President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said: "God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism." Echoing the words of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Ahmadinejad said "As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map."
Ahmadinejad said the "new wave of confrontations generated in Palestine and the growing turmoil in the Islamic world would in no time wipe Israel away ... The world arrogant powers founded the Zionist regime at the heart of the Muslim world as a base for their own expansionist intentions.... [they] turned the Zionist regime occupying Jerusalem into a staging-ground to dominate the Islamic world. ...They have created a base, from where they can expand their rule over the entire Islamic world; it has no other purpose other than this."

Ahmadinejad said that "Today, supporting the Palestinian nation and objective is a definite and indispensable principle for continued campaign to achieve victory. The Palestinian issue has not ended. It would end when a government belonging to the Palestinian people takes over, the homeless return home and a free election is held to form a government representing all people."
Ahmadinejad said that those from faraway countries who are in Palestine with the hope of plundering this land have no right to make decision about the country. The president called on the public and the Palestinian combatant groups to be vigilant and added that if they manage to overcome the new conspiracies of the world arrogant powers, the way would be paved for destruction of the Zionist regime and establishment of a national Palestinian government.

He said, "There continues a historic war between the World Arrogance and the Islamic world, the roots of which go back hundreds of years. In this historic war the battle grounds have shifted many times. On some occasions, the Muslims had the upper hand and advanced. Regrettably, in the past three hundred years, the Islamic World has been on the retreat in the face of the World Arrogance. One hundred years ago the last trench of Islam fell, when the oppressors went towards the creation the Zionist regime. It is using it as a fort to spread its aims in the heart of the Islamic world. ... The skirmishes in the occupied land are part of a war of destiny. The outcome of hundreds of years of war will be defined in Palestinian land ... Some wonder whether there would come a day when one would see a world without the United States and Zionism ... This slogan and goal is one which is attainable and could definitely be realized. There is no doubt that the new wave in Palestine will soon wipe off this disgraceful blot [Israel] from the face of the Islamic world."

Ahmadinejad stressed "Our dear Imam [Khomeini] ordered that the occupying regime in Jerusalem be wiped off the face of the earth. This was a very wise statement. The issue of Palestine is not one which we could compromise on ... I warn the heads of all nations of the Islamic world to beware of this trap. If some, who are under pressure by the dominating powers, follow a misguided policy or are naive, or selfish or have earthly desires, recognize this regime (Israel), they should know that they would be burnt in the fire of the Islamic Ummah (Nation) and will bear an eternal stigma on their foreheads." He further expressed his firm belief that the new wave of confrontations generated in Palestine and the growing turmoil in the Islamic world would in no time wipe Israel away.

On 26 October 2005 Islamic Revolutionary Guards spokesman Seyyed Massoud Jazayeri said "If this cancer (Israel) is not removed from the Islamic world, Muslims will sustain immense harm ... This wound was opened more than half a century ago and has still not been healed, because in the Islamic world, some leaders and regimes, which have not been democratically elected by their own people, continue to rule, with the help of Western imperialism. A world without Zionism, and the obliteration of Israel from the face of the earth, is not only the objective of Iran, but of the whole Muslim world."

Jazayeri pointed out that these goals had been underlined by the country's revolutionary leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, over two decades ago. "At the time, many thought they were just propaganda slogans, but by reiterating them now, president Ahmadinejad has reminded us that they involve a strategy shared by most of the Islamic world."

On 27 October 2005 Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki [Manouchehr Mottaki] wondered why the unchanged Iranian stance had caused so much fuss. He said that Ahmadinejad had merely quoted what Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini had said more than 26 years ago. "The late Imam (Khomeini), right after the 1979 revolution, announced that Iran did not acknowledge the Zionist regime (Israel) and the apartheid regime of South Africa and this diplomatic principle has not changed since - and was also voiced by the president. ... The remarks by the president were not reflected (in the Western press) correctly - especially the president's remarks on a political solution to the dilemma were not mentioned ... President Ahmadinejad believes in a political settlement of the dilemma in Palestine and follows, in line with the Iranian establishment, the solution of a referendum by all Palestinians, including the refugees, for choosing the future political system of their occupied country ... The comments expressed by the president is the declared and specific policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We don't recognize the Zionist regime and don't consider it legitimate." (Source: GlobalSecurity)