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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I found it amusing that a lot of my liberal friends were very quick to lay blame for the failure to get appropriate aide to the people of New Orleans at the foot of President Bush. It really is funny, liberals are the only people in the country praying that people starve, live in horrid conditions, loot stores for survival, etc., all so they could blame a president. It really is true that what's bad for America is good for Liberals, can we really question why they openly root for the terrorists in Iraq or for high unemployment rates or that they constant depict Republicans as fascist, sexist, racist, bigot, homophobes?

I mean really is everything George's Bush's fault? Doom and Gloom Democrats, gotta love em. It certainly isn't the party of FDR/Truman and JFK.

Thank God for Ben Stein, at least someone in higher academia has some common sense.

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