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Sunday, August 21, 2005

GOP Senator Says Iraq Looking Like Vietnam

It's never to early to jump on the media bandwagon and start a presidential campaign is it Senator Hagel?

At any rate old Chuck is right about one thing, Iraq IS looking a lot like that of Vietnam in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but not in the way Hagel portrays it. Much like our involvement in the Vietnam War, American forces in Iraq have not lost a single engagement with foreign fighters and Saddam loyalists in Iraq since the war began, just as the American military, although suffering tough loses at times, never once was defeated in battle by either the North Vietnamese Army/Viet Kong Forces.

And much like Vietnam, the liberal media, thanks to a Presidential holiday in Crawford Texas and a lack of sensational news events, has capitalized on the Cindy Sheehan Anti-War Camp, to put a face with the growing anti-war sentiment in an effort to belittle everything American forces have worked for the last 3 years, demoralize troop morale and home to implant in the minds of Americans that the US is some how losing the war in Iraq.

Similar to liberals who write of the Vietnam war criticizing American efforts to halt the spread of Communism throughout South East Asia and glossing over a mass genocide committed by Ho Chi Minh throughout the 1960s and 70s, liberal elitists in the media today gloss over the torturous regime of Saddam Hussein and the brutalities committed by him and his cronies, contributing greatly to the long-term war the terrorists and foreign fighters in Iraq hope to win.

Ho Chi Minh was not stupid, he knew he would never defeat the US military, for God's sake he sought to ally himself with American forces and General MacArthur during the Second World War. But Ho did know that all he had to do, was to keep the bodies of American soldiers coming home, and use the American media to perpetuate the idea that Ho's Revolution was some how popular in nature, that the US had no business in SE Asia, and that the US was steadily sinking into a quagmire. The American media was all too happy to acquiesce to Ho's plan, as respected news journalists like Walter Cronkite blatantly lied to the American people about what was going on in Iraq (see the Tet Offensive) and the Hollywood Left (see Jane Fonda) aided and abetted the communist forces in their PR propaganda, even posing with Viet Kong slicers and handling weapons used to kill American slicers.

So like today, when the last vestiges of the liberal media elite at the LA and New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, CNN, MSNBC, USA Today, Boston Globe, etc al. proclaim now that Iraq is the new Vietnam, giving much assistance to terrorists in Iraq who only have to wait long enough for the United States forces to pull out in order to turn Iraq into their own terrorist state. And Liberal Hollywood, well I think we know where they stand.

And if anyone knows anything about the Vietnam War, Senator Hagel I would think you would since you won 2 purple hearts there, they would know that it took only months after American forces withdrew from South Vietnam for the South to fall under Ho's Communist grip. So if Iraq is Vietnam Senator, and you want American forces out, you must surely know the consequences.

I'm so sick of Cindy Sheehan and the victimization of the American soldier that has taken place in the United States ever since the Vietnam War that I could puke. General Grant said "War is Hell" for one reason "War IS Hell". I'm not sure anyone standing on the beach at Normandy following the greatest amphibious assault in military history, the beach strewn with dead bodies and body parts would say, "wow that went well". 1,000 American troops died in preparation for the D-Day invasion and yet Americans at home are moaning and wailing about the few thousands that have bravely sacrificed their lives to give us freedom. I hate to be the one to inform you of this Ms.Sheehan, but the US military is a volunteer Army, and your son WANTED to be in Iraq. You're delusional, dishonest and an anti-Semite and you dishonor your son. No one held a gun to your son's head when he enlisted.

And I don’t buy into the idea that the American people have some how switched sides on the Iraq war, and if they have it’s because every report coming out of Iraq is overwhelmingly negative. The American public turned against the Vietnam War not because it was persuaded by the radical and liberal left that it was unjust, but out of sensitivity to its rising costs. According to polling data, there was higher public support for the Vietnam War than there had been for the Korean War when comparable numbers of casualties had been reached. In both Asian conflicts, support declined as the body count rose.

Surely things have gone wrong in Iraq, President Bush doesn’t have a crystal ball in the oval office. And whether or not you agreed or disagreed for starting this war, the time for harping, whining and planting the seeds for American failure in Iraq is over, the time to support American troops and the job their doing is now. Let’s have a debate about how best to do that, let’s get more troops over there, let’s start a draft if need be, let’s give the military commanders the tools they need to kill terrorists and foreign fighters, and let’s get on with the business of training Iraqi troops to provide their own security. Instead of bitching and offering little solutions in return, how about elitist liberals and for that matter our European allies help out in contributing something positive to the situation, instead of situation. Perhaps you didn’t agree with the war, but we’re all in it now, and the consequences of a premature American military withdrawal from Iraq would be a disaster for ALL Americans, not just the President and for Republicans.

No, Americans don't know how to fight. After the Korean War, in particular, they have lost the capability to wage a large-scale war. They are pinning their hopes on the atom bomb and air power. But one cannot win a war with that. One needs infantry, and they dont have much infantry; the infantry they do have is weak. They are fighting little Korea, and already people are weeping in the USA. What will happen if they start a large-scale war? Then, perhaps, everyone will weep. --Jospeh Stalin to Zhou Enlai, Aug. 20, 1952

The US has a population of 200 million people, but it cannot stand wars. --Mao Zedong

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