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Monday, February 28, 2005

Even the LA Times agress, Pro-Syrian Prime Minister's Resignation "marked a rare flexing of public will in the Arab world".

Ignatius interviewed Walid Jumblatt, the Druze leader long a critic of the United States. Jumblatt's words are striking: "It's is strange for me to say it, but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq. I was cynical about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, 8 million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world. The Syrian people, the Egyptian people, all say that something is changing. The Berlin Wall has fallen. We can see it."

Christian Malzahn in Der Spiegel. "Maybe the peoples of Syria, Iraq or Jordan will get the idea in their heads to free themselves from their oppressive regimes just as the East Germans did," he writes. "Just a thought for Old Europe to chew on: Bush might be right, just like Reagan was."

In the most recent issue of Foreign Affairs, Yale's John Lewis Gaddis credited George W. Bush with "the most sweeping of U.S. grand strategy since the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt".

More Gold from Howard Dean
"This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good."

Coverage from today's events as well as the general picture of what is going on in Lebanon, Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Syria from The Economist is great, be sure to check it out. The most unbelievable thing?

Besides demanding the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon, the UN’s resolution calls for the disarming of all private militias in the country. In fact, Hizbullah is the only such militia still under arms. From its southern Lebanese base, the group, which is backed by Iran as well as Syria, occasionally launches attacks on northern Israel. Since the start of a tentative Israeli-Palestinian truce in January, there have been fears that Hizbullah was seeking to recruit suicide-bombers to attack Israel. The man believed to have committed Friday’s bombing in Tel Aviv was from a faction of Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian group whose leaders are based in Syria’s capital, Damascus. But Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority (PA), has said that a “third party”—an apparent reference to Hizbullah—was behind the attack.

All kinds of crazy rumors coming out of Syria, including:

***A crackdown by the Syria government and their terrorist proctors against the press.

***Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told the cabinet Sunday that they would use intelligence information to prove Syria was behind Friday night's suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

I also read that the resignation of the Pro-Syrian government in Beirut was organized by Damascus in order to go ahead with Syria's decision to install a full-fledged military regime in Lebanon. This to me seems highly improbable. The US, Israel and even Europe has the flame right under Assad's ass right now, there's no way he goes this route. If he does, American/Israeli military intervention would be almost guaranteed. Imagine even still if Israel decides to move on Syria while the Lebanese situation becomes more and more unmanageable for Damascus, that would be a real coup for everyone, unformatted that idea was tried about 20 years earlier to little success.

Meanwhile Syria is doing whatever it can to make nice with whoever they can, first they gave up Saddam Hussein's half brother to Iraqi officials for prosecution, and they have also returned a disputed strip of land in Northern Jordan in a move to jumpstarted a thawing with their neighbor to the south, will Assad move towards Europe? France seems to be very adamant about Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon, who else will Syria turn to? Stay tuned!

Lebanon’s prime minister Karame and his pro-Syrian government have resigned beating opposition no confidence motions over assassination of former prime minister Hariri and demand for Syria’s departure. Thousands of opposition protesters outside - Christians, Muslims, Druses - cheer step after defying government ban on gathering.

BBC coverage is here...regarding troop withdrawl:

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield met Lebanese Foreign Minister Mahmoud Hammoud.
He said he reiterated Washington's demand that Syria comply with UN resolution 1559, passed in September, calling for the withdrawal of its troops from Lebanon.

Praise from the White House. We need more W. keep it coming.

"We want to see free and fair elections take place [in Lebanon] this spring," he said. "It's important that steps take place on the ground prior to those elections including the beginning of the implementation of Resolution 1559."

Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk al-Sharaa has rejected calls for a full withdrawal from Lebanon, saying this is something not even the Lebanese want.

Damascus said last week that it would draw it troops back from western Lebanon to areas nearer the Syrian border, though it did not specify when.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Update: Anti-Syrian protesters take to Beirut's streets despite ban

Question of the Day
When will journalists be held to account for getting every major development in the war on terror wrong?

Lebanon's Jumblatt Fears He May Be Target...Walid Jumblatt, the most prominent anti-Syrian voice in Lebanon, is holed up in his ancestral mountain palace, planning strategy with his allies behind its high gates, out of fear he may be marked for assassination like his late ally, the former prime minister killed in a bomb blast.

"The entire Lebanese people wants freedom, independence and democracy. And I am simply one of those people," Jumblatt, dressed in blue jeans and shirt, said on the balcony of his palace in Mukhtara, 19 miles southeast of Beirut.

"The Syrian president must reconsider the presence and conduct of his troops and intelligence forces in Lebanon. We don't want to be the enemies of Syria, but we don't want Syrian intelligence to rule Lebanon," he said.

Lebanon Watch:
**Tension shoots up again in Beirut. All Lebanese opposition leaders vowed to defy ban on gatherings and protests issued Sunday by interior minister Franjiah. Mass sit-in scheduled Monday in central Beirut’s Martyrs’ Square to protest Syrian presence in Lebanon. It is timed to coincide with debate on Hariri’s murder. Lebanon protesters vow to defy ban

**US Dep Sec of State Satterfield repeated after meeting Catholic Maronite Archbishop Sfeir: Syrians must pull out as soon as possible

Syria Out!!!
By now you may have noticed an addition to LA2AL-Quds, a section dedicated to supporting the people of Lebanon in their struggle to shake the totalitarian occupation of Syria.

Lebanon, the only Christian country in the Muslim Middle East, was once an oasis of hope and prosperity. Before the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990), Lebanon was the only Democratic Arab state in the region, a place where the Saudi Princes would vacation, a place where East met West, "Paris on the Mediterranean". The tiny country would fall into chaos and anarchy though, as a booming Shiite population came to realize its lack of power within the Lebanese political system and as each sect squared off against each other in what could REALLY be considered a cycle of violence. Alliances often pitted Maronite against Greek Orthodox, Sunni against Shi'i.

Lebanon also became an arena for global and regional powers to flex their muscles. The United States (ignorant of Lebanon's incomprehensible sectarian nature) tried its best to establish a peace in support of a Western, Democratic (and Christian) Lebanon; Israel saw the opportunity to expel and possibly kill Yasser Arafat and the remnants of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, who were brutally expelled from Jordan by King Hussein in September of 1970, known as "Black September", and had since taken up residence in Southern Lebanon, regularly attacking across Israel's Northern Border, the PLO set up a de facto state in Southern Lebanon, the Lebanese government too weak to control Palestinian militants could do nothing as Israel launched raids on Beirut to punish the Lebanese inaction; Iran, of course, actively channeled money and arms to Hezbollah operating in Lebanon through Syria, furthering inciting Israel and unsettling the balance of power in Lebanon.

A precondition to Arab support of the US-lead Gulf War against Saddam Hussein following his invasion of Kuwait in 1991, was that the US take an active role in mediating both the Arab-Israeli conflict as well as a satisfactory solution to the Lebanese Civil War. As a result of the Taif Agreement, George H.W. Bush's administration agreed to the stationing of Syria troops in Lebanon. They have never left. Syria runs Lebanon as a de facato state. Syria is, sans Iran, the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the region and a serious impediment to the Bush Doctrine of spreading democracy through the Arab world.

Recently, following the assassination of Lebanon's Former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, the foremost critic of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, the people of Lebanon, in the true spirit of democracy, stood up to the Islamist-terrorists who use death and destruction to scare people from their God-given right to think as they wish, to pray as they wish and to say as they wish. The genuine uprising now taking place in Lebanon is no different than the uprising which took place a few weeks ago in Iraq, when millions of Iraqis took their future into their hands and said they will no longer be cowered into submission by terrorist thugs, whose only solution to problems is either the spilling of innocent blood or the pointing of a finger at the US or Israel.

I am sick of the double-standard that exists in the the Arab world which decries the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories, yet turns a blind eye to the Syrian Occupation of Lebanon. I'm sick of Islamo-fascists calling the United States Crusaders, when what is really going on in Lebanon is a Crusade, the occupation of a Christian country by militant Muslims. I'm sick of liberal academia and the elitist media lamenting the racist separation fence of Israel and calling Israel a racist state, when it is against the law for Palestinian refugees who live in Lebanon to become a doctor, just one of over 60 professions where Palestinians are institutionally discriminated against. No such laws exist in Israel!

With all that said I have decided the links now posted to the right will remain there until Syria removes ALL of their troops from Lebanon and Democracy returns to Lebanon.

Please visit the links to the right and learn more about the injustice currently taking place in Lebanon. Sign a petition. See Democracy in action in the face of authoritarianism and theocracy. Or just educated yourself about Lebanon or of the Syrian Occupation. See what the United States can do, and has done.

At least least know that the people of Lebanon deserve every bit of support from the American people and from President Bush. Here is a problem that can be solved without sending American soldiers into combat. Every Democrat, Liberal and person who was against the Iraq War should be showing their support for the people of Lebanon (even though they won't).

At the very least say a prayer that Christians and Muslims who have been able to live and coexist together, despite a bloody and hated past, may unite in expelling Syria and in restoring Democracy to Lebanon. Say a prayer for those who may give their lives in the idea of creating something freer for themselves or for their children. Thank God you live in a country that recognizes the worth and right of every person, and the inability of those rights to be taken away by anyone.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Lebanese Peaceful Revolution against Syrian Occupation of Lebanon...The Bush Administration needs to support this with everything they've got. The people of Lebanon are doing what we were forced to do in Iraq, they deserve our undying and unwavering support.


Friday, February 25, 2005

Tel Aviv Blast Reportedly Kills Several...I'm OK in Jerusalem

TEL AVIV, Israel - An explosion went off late Friday among Israelis waiting in line outside a night club near Tel Aviv's beachfront promenade, and police reported some 30 casualties, including several dead.

Israel Army Radio said the blast was set off by a suicide bomber, but police said the bomb might have been planted by assailants.

The explosion shattered a Mideast truce declared earlier thsi month by Israel and Palestinian leaders.
Police said the explosion went off outside the "Stage" club.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

The Tel Aviv promenade has been hit before by Palestinian militants, including explosions outside the Dolphinarium disco and Mike's Place, a popular pub.

Liberals, from New York to Berlin, admit Bush might have been right!!!

When Good News Feels Bad: After Iraq’s vote, New York liberals are in a serious moral-ideological-emotional bind. And the only way out is to root for Bush’s victory.

Europa: Is it possible that Bush wasn't entirely wrong?

What if Bush has been right about Iraq all along?

Bush Returning to Notre Dame (Hat-tip: Irish-trojan(s suck))

(Bush receiving an honorary degree from the University of Notre Dame in 2000)

President George W. Bush is expected to promote Social Security reform during a visit to the Joyce Center on the University of Notre Dame campus next Friday.

The trip will mark the sixth presidential visit to Michiana in recent years.
The president stopped here in 2000 when he was running for president and held a joint appearance with Chocola.

President Bush delivered a commencement address at Notre Dame in 2001, stopped here twice in 2002 for Chocola and spoke in Niles last year.

I was at the 2002 Bush visit, working as a volunteer with the Notre Dame College Republicans at a fundraising dinner Bush spoke at, which was pretty cool. What was even better though was that Bush's visit just happen to fall on the Friday before Notre Dame's first home football game of the year. And as everyone knows before the first home football game the Dillon Pep Rally, where hundreds of students gather on South Quad to mock whatever team we happen to be hosting. Well it happens that as the pep rally was getting underway President Bush and Air Force One were heading back to DC, buzzing South Quad in the process. It was pretty sweet to see the lumbering plane over campus as it took off. And since the Michiana Regional Airport is not at all far from campus it literally looked as if it was taking off from Route 31.

A story about Presidential visits to Notre Dame can be found at the Notre Dame Magazine's website, enjoy.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fear and Loathing...In Iran.

From Beirut with Love...(surprise, surprise) Some Arabs welcome American democratic browbeating

Governor Swan???

That's right, former Pittsburgh Steelers star Lynn Swann has formed a campaign committee to raise money for a potential run for governor in 2006. I remember Swany speaking at the RNC Convention last summer and boy was he excited about the President and about the opportunities that Republicans create for all Americans, including blacks. I think he would be a great candidate should this really come to fruition.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Man Charged in Alleged Plot to Kill Bush


Atlanticist small talk is all that's left
By Mark Steyn

"The change for the moment is more in tone than substance," wrote Alec Russell, reporting on President Bush's European outreach in yesterday's Telegraph. You don't say.

My colleague is almost right. In Brussels yesterday, the President's "charm offensive" consisted of saying the same things he always says – on Iraq, Iran, Palestine, the illusion of stability, the benefits of freedom, the need for Egypt and Saudi Arabia to get with the programme, etc. But, tone-wise, the Bush charm offensive did its best to keep the offensiveness reasonably charming – though his references to anti-Semitism and the murder of Theo van Gogh by a Dutch Islamist were a little more pointed than his hosts would have cared for.

But, in the broader sense vis-à-vis Europe, the administration is changing the tone precisely because it understands there can be no substance. And, if there's no substance that can be changed, what's to quarrel about? International relations are like ex-girlfriends: if you're still deluding yourself you can get her back, every encounter will perforce be fraught and turbulent; once you realise that's never gonna happen, you can meet for a quick decaf latte every six – make that 10 – months and do the whole hey-isn't-it-terrific-the-way-we're-able-to-be-such-great-friends routine because you couldn't care less. You can even make a few pleasant noises about her new romance (the so-called European Constitution) secure in the knowledge he's a total loser.

World leaders are always most expansive when there's least at stake: the Queen's Christmas message to the Commonwealth is the ne plus ultra of this basic rule. In Her Majesty's beloved Commonwealth family, talking about enduring ties became a substitute for having them.

That's the salient feature of transatlantic dialogue since 9/11: it's become Commonwealth-esque - all airy assertions about common values, ties of history, all meaningless. Even Donald Rumsfeld is doing it. At the Munich Conference on Collective Security the other day, he gave a note-perfect rendition of empty Atlanticist Euro-goo: "Our collective security depends on our co-operation and mutual respect and understanding," he declared, with a straight face.

Rummy's appearance in Munich was unscheduled. A German federal prosecutor was investigating a war crimes complaint against the US Defence Secretary and, although it seems unlikely even the silliest showboating Europoseurs would have been foolish enough to pull a Pinochet on him, Rumsfeld made a point of not setting foot on German soil until Berlin put an end to that nonsense. That tells you more about transatlantic relations than anything in the speech.

But, just for the record, the "collective security" blather is completely bogus. In the column I wrote on September 11, 2001, I mentioned en passant that among the day's consequences would be the end of Nato - "a military alliance for countries that no longer in any recognisable sense have militaries". I can't remember why I mentioned Europe and Nato in that 9/11 column. It seems an odd thing to be thinking about as the towers were falling.

But it was clear, even then, that the day's events would test the Atlantic relationship and equally clear that it would fail that test. Later that week, for the first time in its history, Nato invoked its famous Article Five - the one about how an attack on one member is an attack on all. But, even as the press release was rolling off the photocopier, most of the "allies" in this post-modern alliance were insisting that the declaration didn't mean anything. "We are not at war," said Belgium. Norway and Germany announced that there would be no deployment of their forces.

Remember last year's much trumpeted Nato summit in Turkey? This was the one at which everyone was excited at how the "alliance" had agreed to expand its role in Afghanistan beyond Kabul to the country's somewhat overly autonomous "autonomous regions".

What this turned out to mean on closer examination was that, after the secretary-general, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, put the squeeze on Nato's 26 members, they reluctantly put up an extra 600 troops and three helicopters for Afghanistan. That averages out at 23.08 troops per country, plus almost a ninth of a helicopter apiece. As it transpired, the three Black Hawks all came from one country - Turkey - and they've already gone back. And Afghanistan is supposed to be the good war, the one Continental officials all claim to have supported, if mostly retrospectively and for the purposes of justifying their "principled moral opposition" to Iraq.

A few months before 9/11, I happened to find myself sitting next to an eminent older statesman. "What is Nato for?" he wondered. "Well, you should know," I said. "You were secretary-general. You went into the office every day." With hindsight, he was asking the right question. On the other hand, if Nato is useless to America, it looks like being a goldmine for the Chinese, to whom the Europeans are bent on selling their military technology. Jacques Chirac is pitching this outreach to the politburo in lofty terms, modifying Harold Macmillan and casting Europe as Athens to China's Rome. I can't see it working, but the very attempt presumes that the transatlantic relationship is now bereft of meaning.

Nato will not be around circa 2015 - which is why the Americans are talking it up right now. An organisation that represents the fading residual military will of mostly post-military nations is marginally less harmful than the EU, which is the embodiment of their pacifist delusions. But, either way, there's not a lot to talk about. Try to imagine significant numbers of French, German or Belgian troops fighting alongside American forces anywhere the Yanks are likely to find themselves in the next decade or so: it's not going to happen.

America and Europe both face security threats. But the difference is America's are external, and require hard choices in tough neighbourhoods around the world, while the EU's are internal and, as they see it, unlikely to be lessened by the sight of European soldiers joining the Great Satan in liberating, say, Syria. That's not exactly going to help keep the lid on the noisier Continental mosques.

So what would you do in Bush's shoes? Slap 'em around a bit? What for? Where would it get you? Or would you do exactly what he's doing? Climb into the old soup-and-fish, make small talk with Mme Chirac and raise a glass of champagne to the enduring friendship of our peoples: what else is left? This week we're toasting the end of an idea: the death of "the West".


Liberal Feelings vs. Judeo-Christian Values
By Dennis Prager

With the decline of the authority of Judeo-Christian values in the West, many people stopped looking to external sources of moral standards in order to decide what is right and wrong. Instead of being guided by God, the Bible and religion, great numbers -- in Western Europe, the great majority -- have looked elsewhere for moral and social guidelines.

For many millions in the twentieth century, those guidelines were provided by Marxism, Communism, Fascism or Nazism. For many millions today, those guidelines are . feelings. With the ascendancy of leftist values that has followed the decline of Judeo-Christian religion, personal feelings have supplanted universal standards. In fact, feelings are the major unifying characteristic among contemporary liberal positions.

Aside from reliance on feelings, how else can one explain a person who believes, let alone proudly announces on a bumper sticker, that "War is not the answer"? I know of no comparable conservative bumper sticker that is so demonstrably false and morally ignorant. Almost every great evil has been solved by war -- from slavery in America to the Holocaust in Europe. Auschwitz was liberated by soldiers making war, not by pacifists who would have allowed the Nazis to murder every Jew in Europe.

The entire edifice of moral relativism, a foundation of leftist ideology, is built on the notion of feelings deciding right and wrong. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

The animals-and-humans-are-equivalent movement is based entirely on feelings. People see chickens killed and lobsters boiled, feel for the animals, and shortly thereafter abandon thought completely, and equate chicken and lobster suffering to that of a person under the same circumstances.

The unprecedented support of liberals for radically redefining the basic institution of society, marriage and the family is another a product of feelings -- sympathy for homosexuals. Thinking through the effects of such a radical redefinition on society and its children is not a liberal concern.

The "self-esteem movement" -- now conceded to have been a great producer of mediocrity and narcissism -- was entirely a liberal invention based on feelings for kids.

The liberal preoccupation with whether America is loved or hated is also entirely feelings-based. The Left wants to be loved; the conservative wants to do what is right and deems world opinion fickle at best and immoral at worst.

Sexual harassment laws have created a feelings-industrial complex. The entire concept of "hostile work environment" is feelings based. If one woman resents a swimsuit calendar on a co-worker's desk, laws have now been passed whose sole purpose is to protect her from having uncomfortable feelings.

For liberals, the entire worth of the human fetus is determined by the mother's feelings. If she feels the nascent human life she is carrying is worth nothing, it is worth nothing. If she feels it is infinitely precious, it is infinitely precious.

Almost everything is affected by liberal feelings. For example, liberal opposition to calling a Christmas party by its rightful name is based on liberals' concern that non-Christians will feel bad. And for those liberals, nothing else matters -- not the legitimate desire of the vast majority of Americans to celebrate their holiday, let alone the narcissism of those non-Christians "offended" by a Christmas party.

And why do liberals continue to endorse race-based affirmative action at universities despite the mounting evidence that it hurts blacks more than it helps? Again, a major reason is feelings -- sympathy for blacks and the historic racism African-Americans have endured.

Very often, liberals are far more concerned with purity of motive than with moral results. That's why so many liberals still oppose the liberation of Iraq -- so what if Iraqis risk their lives to vote? It's George W. Bush's motives that liberals care about, not spreading liberty in the Arab world.

Elevating motives above results is a significant part of liberalism. What matters is believing that one is well intentioned -- that one cares for the poor, hates racism, loathes inequality and loves peace. Bi-lingual education hurts Latino children. But as a compassionate person -- and "compassionate" is the self-definition of most liberals -- that is not the liberal's real concern. His concern is with an immigrant child's uncomfortable feelings when first immersed in English.

Reliance on feelings in determining one's political and social positions is the major reason young people tend to have liberal/left positions -- they feel passionately but do not have the maturity to question those passions. It is also one reason women, especially single women, are more liberal than men -- it is women's nature to rely on emotions when making decisions. (For those unused to anything but adulation directed at the female of the human species, let me make it clear that men, too, cannot rely on their nature, which leans toward settling differences through raw physical power. Both sexes have a lot of self-correcting to do.)

To be fair, feelings also play a major role in many conservatives' beliefs. Patriotism is largely a feeling; religious faith is filled with emotion, and religion has too often been dictated by emotion. But far more conservative positions are based on "What is right?" rather than on "How do I feel?" That is why a religious woman who is pregnant but does not wish to be is far less likely to have an abortion than a secular woman in the same circumstances. Her values are higher than her feelings. And that, in a nutshell, is what our culture war is about -- Judeo-Christian values versus liberal/leftist feelings.

10 Arab states may open embassies in Israel after pullout...more good news from the region.

Monday, February 21, 2005

What would we do without The Onion?

Stella and Lavi finally return to Israel tomorrow!!!

The Minutemen are back!!!

Silly Socialist Liberal Academic.

10 Things You Didn't Know About U.S. Presidents
1. In warm weather, 6th president of the United States John Quincy Adams customarily went skinny-dipping in the Potomac River before dawn.

2.Sedated only by brandy, 11th president of the United States James Polk survived gall bladder surgery at the age of 17.

3. 15th U.S. president James Buchanan is the only unmarried man ever to be elected president. Buchanan was engaged to be married once; however, his fiancée died suddenly after breaking off the engagement, and he remained a bachelor all his life.

4. Often depicted wearing a tall black stovepipe hat, 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln carried letters, bills, and notes in his hat.

5.Ulysses S. Grant, 18th president of the United States, died of throat cancer. During his life, Grant had smoked about 20 cigars per day.

6. Both ambidextrous and multilingual, 20th president of the United States James Garfield could write Greek with one hand while writing Latin with the other.

7. Warren Harding, 29th U.S. president, played poker at least twice a week, and once gambled away an entire set of White House china. His advisors were nicknamed the "Poker Cabinet" because they joined the president in his poker games.

8. 32nd president of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt was related, either by blood or by marriage, to 11 former presidents.

9. The letter "S" comprises the full middle name of the 33rd president, Harry S. Truman. It represents two of his grandfathers, whose names both had "S" in them.

10. George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States, and his wife Laura got married just three months after meeting each other.

I thought you should know

They have Frosted Flakes in Israel, they're called"Frosties".

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Israel Ministers Vote for Disengagement
Big day today as Ariel Sharon's government approved the planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements. Likud vote on evacuations split between anti-disengagement ministers Netanyahu, Sharansky, Katz, Hanegbi, Naveh, and two ministers Shalom and Livnat who went with majority. Sharon and Mofaz immediately signed evictions orders for 8,000 settlers beginning five months hence in four stages, each subject to separate cabinet vote. Knesset last week approved compensation-relocation funds for evacuees.

The Cabinet also approved the final route of Israel's separation barrier in the West Bank, initially constructed to keep out Palestinian attackers but increasingly seen as a blueprint for a final border between Israel and a future Palestinian state. West Bank defense barrier will enclose Gush Etzion bloc and Maaleh Adummim south and east of Jerusalem but follow 1967 boundary for rest of route south of Hebron and exclude south Mt. Hebron Jewish communities including Kiryat Arba. So far one third of 650-km barrier built.

Jordanian and Egyptian ambassadors return to Israel after four-year absence

North Korean Defector Claims forced abortions and infanticide... Who knew Kim Jung-Il's Commies were on the same page as the Democratic Party and NOW?

Which W. Would Americans Elect?

Nation's first president beats George W. Bush by 20 points in national survery

Saturday, February 19, 2005

W. Joke of the Day.
"Can you imagine if my name had been Mungo Bush?" the president joked Friday when a British reporter asked him to autograph a book for his son, Mungo. Bush seemed amused by the name.

The exchange occurred as Bush was being interviewed at the White House by European journalists in advance of his trip to Belgium, Germany and Slovakia, beginning Sunday. He also was looking forward to going to Scotland in July for a meeting of the Group of Eight industrialized nations.

That prompted Bush to tell a tale about meeting a Texan when he was at a sheep farm in Scotland back in the 1950s.

"I worked there as a 14-year-old kid," Bush said. "I went from Texas to Scotland to work on a sheep farm. I'm riding a bike. ... A big tour bus stops. They got off and a woman with a Texas accent (said): `Look at the little Scottish boy!'

"I kept my mouth shut," Bush said.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Iran Threatens to Shoot Down U.S. Drones...Oh, no. Please...don't shoot down our manless remote controled drones...what would we ever do? Is this suppose to be a threat? I'm not really sure why Iran cares that we have drones flying over their country anyway, their nuclear ambitions are supposedly "transparent" and not to obtain nuclear weapons, so what do they care?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Howard Dean...Starting strong:

"You think the Republican National Committee could get this many people of color in a single room?," Dean asked to laughter. "Only if they had the hotel staff in here."

His style ever will be blunt: "We have to never be afraid to say what we believe," he insists.

I guess for old Howard all colored people will ever be is the help. I mean we all know the DNC just uses blacks for votes while enforcing the silent prejudice of low expectations vis-a-vis affirmative action. I guess old Dean hasn't heard of Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Alberto Gonzalez, Michael Powell, etc.

Once of these days the DNC will have to compete in the arena of ideas if they ever hope to become the majority party again. It's obvious they no longer can, they've gotten their asses handed to them in every election since 1994 (save Clinton's reelection). No it's obvious the only way Democrats can attract voters is by scare tactics you know, Republicans are racist, sexist, homophobes who want to kick old people out of their home right before eating your children. Mr. Dean was not the way to turn the tide my liberal friends, it will only get worse.

By the way has really considered how idiotic it is for Howard Dean to be the head of the DNC, I mean it would be analogous to the RNC getting killed in 6 straight elections and then having Pat Buchanan take over the party. Brilliant.

A Liberal Dilemma: Save the Environment? OR Tax the Peasants? The Solution: BOTH!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Don't dare say hello to your `infidel' neighbor...What Saudis tell Muslims arriving in the United States:

When a believing Muslim is summoned to the United States due to life's circumstances, Saudi Arabian authorities disseminate through a network of major American mosques, like other religious directives, clear ways as to how one should act in his new surroundings.

Take, for example, a document signed by the cultural attache at the Saudi embassy in Washington that instructs Muslims arriving in the United States not to initiate a greeting when meeting Christians or Jews, and never to convey good wishes marking a Christian or Jewish holiday. In general, the attache recommends that the Muslim believer avoid friendships with the infidels, be careful not to imitate their customs (e.g. not to wear a cap and gown at a graduation ceremony), and try not to remain in the country any longer than required. The Saudis feel that a good Muslim can stay in America only for two reasons: acquiring knowledge and capital to promote the objectives of jihad, and lobbying the infidels to accept Islam.

Another document, found in the Great Mosque in Washington, D.C., explains to Muslims that they must keep their distance from non-believers: "To be disassociated from the infidels is to hate them for their religion, to leave them, never to rely on them for support, not to admire them, to be on one's guard against them, never to imitate them, and to always oppose them in every way according to Islamic law." A book was distributed in another mosque containing questions and answers on matters of religion. Regarding whether it is permitted to curse Christians and Jews, the author answers it is not only permitted, but also obligatory.

Egging On the Arabs
A hilarious piece in the Tehran Times warns Arab governments not to establish diplomatic relations with Israel:

At present, Egypt, Jordan, and Mauritania are the only three Arab countries which have officially established diplomatic ties with the Zionist regime.

Qatar, Oman, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and occupied Palestine are to send ambassadors to Tel Aviv by the end of 2005, according to reports. . . .

The establishment of diplomatic ties between Arab states and Israel is one of the treacherous plans within the evil Greater Middle East Initiative, which is meant to make Israel the regional gendarme.

If the current trend of Arab-Israeli relations continues, the prediction of the Arab political analyst, who said that by 2010 no Arab would be able to spend a day without eating an egg imported from Israel, will come true.

Let's hope the Arabs tell the mad mullahs who run Iran to go suck eggs.
(Hat tip Opinion Journal)


Everyone talks about ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine, what about ending the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. It's so obvious the bombing today in Beirut was an attempt by the Thugocracy of Bashar Al-Assad and his terrorist cronies to thwart any effort by Lebanese politicians to restore Lebanese Democracy and expell Syrian Troops which areas east of Beirut and in the Bekaa Valley.

Israel's withdrawal from southern Lebanon in May 2000, however, encouraged some Lebanese groups to demand that Syria withdraw its forces as well. The passage of UNSCR 1559 in early October 2004 - a resolution calling for Syria to withdraw from Lebanon and end its interference in Lebanese affairs - further emboldened Lebanese groups opposed to Syria's presence in Lebanon.

W., It's time to get serious about Syira, what's going on there and in Lebanon is directly related to everything you preach about our work in Iraq.

Irish look ahead by looking into past

The Fighting Irish will increase the number of games at Notre Dame Stadium from the current six to seven, and four games will take place on the road.

For a 12th game each year, athletics director Kevin White said, the school is considering cities such as Chicago, Orlando, Jacksonville, New Orleans and Dallas. The Irish would negotiate terms that would include games, perhaps in prime time, in its agreement with NBC.

The idea has roots in the 1920s, when coach Knute Rockne took his team, known as the Ramblers, from coast to coast.

Now that the 2004 Presidential Campaign is over John Kerry's wife can go back to using her real name, Teresa Heinz.

Angry Black Man Alert

"I never watched the Oscars. Come on, it's a fashion show," Rock recently declared.

"What straight black man sits there and watches the Oscars? Show me one!"

During a recent hate-filled rant, Rock imitated a White House press briefing:

"Mr. President, what about gay marriage? 'F**k them faggots,'" Rock said of Bush.

What will Rock be wearing to the show?"Nothing against people who aren't straight, but what straight guy that you know cares? Who gives a f---?" Rock explained.

Only could a black guy get away with saying this today. The liberal media would crucify any white person if they said this crap, let alone any conservative. Yet another instance of racial doublestandards in the good ole USA. Unfortunately for Mr.Rock, he was an angry black man before he got money, and he'll be one now that he has money. The man has issues far beyond who watches the Oscars. The real joke is on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences who hired this clown in the first place.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Howard Dean's Party... Democrats, run for your lives!

Dean nominated DNC Chairman, let the fun begin!

New York prepares to open ‘The Gates’...Huge art exhibit in Central Park was in the works for 26 years

Friday, February 11, 2005

Inside the Actors Studio with the Simpsons...This is awesome, any Simpsons fan be sure to check it out.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

New Photo Album Online

Got a new batch of photos online from the Notre Dame - Purdue game last season. Yes I know the game was months ago, yes I know we lost and yes I know the pictures are out of order but you people don't care. You will look at them and like them. GO IRISH!

The Onion Round-Up

Latest Bin Laden tape wishes United States "A Crappy Valentine's Day"

The FCC is currently reviewing its ban on the use of cell phones during flights, but many passengers say they like the restriction. What do you think?

Fredo goes down

(Hat-tip to the Backer who came out of retirement to give props to ND hoops)

North Korea wages war on long hair

North Korea has launched an intensive media assault on its latest arch enemy - the wrong haircut. In the TV series "Let Us Trim Our Hair in Accordance With Socialist Lifestyle" unruly-haired men are singled out and their names and addresses publicised.

Another N Korean TV series, "Hairdressing and Our Living", sets out various state-approved men's hair styles on grounds of hygeine and health. These include the "flat-top crew-cut" and this one, the "high-hairstyle".

Oh yeah, in other news North Korea has nukes. Thanks for nothing, Bubba. Frickin commies.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

That's right all my good Catholic friends, don't forget to go to mass and mark the start of our 40 days until Easter! oh yeah, NO MEAT!!!! Perhaps the stupidest thing I ever did while at Notre Dame was proceed directly to La Fortune after Ash Wednesday Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart to order a double cheeseburger from Burger King. The lady was like, "Are you sure you want that?" Probably noticing the ash on my forehead. To which I replied, "Uhh, yeah". Not always the smartest tool in the shed. As I began to eat the flame-broiled goodness I suddenly realized why there was so much advertising for the BK Big Fish. What a schmuck.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Today's Europe-Bashing courtesy of...

Mark Steyn of The Daily Telegraph...I hate to rain on Europe's parade, but …


Brendan Miniter of the Wall Street Journal...The Cows Come Home Suddenly, France and Germany support democracy in Iraq.

Quote of the Day

"The lopsided coaching mismatch was led by our High & Inside Super Bowl MVP, New England Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. College coaches, brace yourselves now for Notre Dame's future. The man is brilliant. Notre Dame fans must be salivating, while AFC defensive coordinators have reason to celebrate Weis' departure for South Bend."

- Philadelphia Inquirer

Don't call it peace in the Middle East BUT...Israel, Palestinians agree to cease-fire

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian President Abu Mazen shake hands

Sharon and Egypt's President/Prime Minister/Tyrant Hosni Mubarak meet at Sharm el-Sheik

Right to Left: Abu Mazen, Jordan's King Abdullah, Mubarak and Sharon

Monday, February 07, 2005

A roundup of the past month's good news from Afghanistan

Burger King the Morale Booster

US soldiers line up to order food from a Burger King fast food shop at Camp Liberty in Baghdad, Iraq. The Army & Air Force Exchange Service operates 23 fast food franchises at 16 U.S. bases in Iraq, with 25 more approved and under construction. Having a chance to skip the mess hall and go to Pizza Hut, Burger King or Subway - Popeye's Fried Chicken and Taco Bell which will be added this month - makes a tremendous difference, soldiers say.

What is this the Official Ex-President's Blazer?

Snow in J-Town Tuesday Night?
The cold and wet front that has left Mount Hermon covered in a thick layer of snow and brought bountiful rain to other parts of the country may yet produce some white flakes in Jerusalem.

The Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) said there was a possibility of light snow falling in the capital and on hilltops in the center of the country on Tuesday night, although it was unlikely that it would accumulate.

Snow was also slated to fall on northern reaches of the Golan and Galilee peaks on Monday and Tuesday, although IMS forecasters noted that it was likely to be intermittent because the system that has swept the country since last Thursday was gradually fading.

The heavy rainfall elsewhere in the North has boosted the level of Lake Kinneret, which rose by a further eight centimeters on Monday to reach 210.26 meters below sea-level.

Water Commissioners' Office (WCO) spokesman Uri Schor noted that the level of the lake had risen by a total of 56 cms since the beginning of the winter and, as of Monday, was 1.46 ms below the maximum mark of 208.80ms below sea-level.

The forecasters said the system would die out on Thursday but that it would be colder than usual for this time of year, with the risk of frost in Jerusalem and other hilly districts.

Michael Moore's "Minute Men"

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Tagliabue Says NFL Team in Los Angeles Is Likely, bad news for NFL Angelio Fans.

Classic Coulter on the Iraqi Elections:

In one of the grandest events in the history of the world, millions of Iraqis risked death on Sunday to vote in a free, democratic election. There were more than 100 attacks on polling stations by the "insurgents" (or "Islamic fascists," as authentic Americans call them). But the Iraqis voted –- Shia, Sunnis, women and an estimated 2,000 dead felons in Washington state.

Democrats haven't been this depressed since we captured Saddam Hussein.

On "Meet the Press," the Democrats' erstwhile presidential candidate, Sen. John Kerry, questioned the legitimacy of the election, saying, "(I)t's hard to say that something is legitimate when a whole portion of the country can't vote and doesn't vote." Kerry warned Americans not to "overhype this election" — and if there's one guy who's good at calming down excited voters, it's John Kerry.

Apparently, word didn't get out to the Iraqis, who were dancing and singing in the streets. (Isn't it great to see Muslims celebrating something other than the slaughter of Americans?) Kerry's main advice to Bush was to reach out to the French. Curiously, this is also the Democrats' plan for fixing Social Security, dealing with North Korea and controlling the budget deficit: Reach out to the French!

Most amusingly, Kerry repeatedly quoted himself, as if he had called this one ball, shot and pocket: "You may recall that back in — well, there's no reason you would —but back in Fulton, Mo., during the campaign, I laid out four steps ..." (at that point the cameraman nodded off and NBC abruptly cut to color bars).

I remember what Kerry said during the campaign! What he and his fellow Democratic towel-biters said was that this election wasn't going to happen. Kerry specifically addressed the scheduled Iraqi elections in his closing statement at the first presidential debate, saying: "They can't have an election right now. The president's not getting the job done." (Kerry's a genius! He won the debate!) A few weeks later, his campaign manager, Mary Beth Cahill, said: "It's not safe enough to have elections, which are scheduled in January. There is no way that people could go to the polls in that country right now."

In order to have free elections, apparently we would have to ... reach out to the French! "The Kerry plan," Cahill said, "would be to have an international consensus, not to go it alone, to get other countries into Iraq with us, so that we could carry out elections and we could move Iraq to be a free nation."

And yet we somehow managed to have a free election in Iraq without the French.

The Global Throng: Why the world’s elites gnash their teeth.

Back in Black
Well after a trip to the Dead Sea and Haifa, and after hopefully fixing some computer difficulties, I'm back in action bloggin from Jerusalem. With all the talk of Peace in the Middle East (yeah right), Super Bowl Sunday and the return of Family Guy to Fox, there is definitely enough ammo out there to get some quality posts up. Plus the fact that I'm on break from school should be of benefit as well.

I recently watched Spike Lee's Bamboozled for the first time and I have to say I was blown away. The film was biting to say the least, quite simply one of the greatest satires I've ever seen, right up there with Dr. Strangelove. I definitely would recommend it to anyone. I think Spike Lee really makes people deal with issues like race and suceeds, whereas a Michael Moore fails, because his films are so true to life and

My one complaint with the movie was that it was a little of the typical "angry black-man" you're use to seeing in any films which address race in America, Lee's basic point is that the modern portrayal of blacks on tv/film is no different from the days when they were buffoons or exaggerated comedy figures - the only difference being that now they are painted as `urban' caricatures as opposed to coons and n*ggers. But is it right for David Wayans and Tommy Davidson, the actors from Woo, Mo Money and Booty Call, to be standing up to complain about how black actors are used as exaggerated caricatures for comedy effect?