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Monday, November 08, 2004

Islamo-Fascists Come to the Englightened Dutch

Sept. 11, 2001 -- 3,000 Americans Murdered by Islamo-Fascists
No reports of Americans attacking Muslim Schools
No reported attempts of mosques being set on fire

Nov. 2, 2004 -- 1 Dutch Artist Slain by Islamo-Fascists
Elementary school bombed
Red paint Saturday night on a center in Amsterdam that aids immigrants, many of them Muslim
In the town of Huizen, police arrested two men they say were caught preparing to ignite a fire at the An-Nasr mosque Friday night
A mosque in the city of Breda sustained minor fire damage in another reported arson attempt.
A small fire was also set at a mosque in Utrecht, police said, and a pig's head was left in a plastic bag outside a mosque in Amsterdam.

GOD FORBID that 3,000 Dutchmen were killed on Nov. 2, 2004 instead of 3,000, who knows what kind of knee-jerk response that would have triggered from the so-called "englightened" and "multi-cultural" Dutch. Then again , if Van Gogh were only an investment banker it's unlikely the reaction against the murder would have been so repulsively reactionary. How dare Western Europe dare criticize the United States fights the war on terrorism when their own countries see racists attacks on Islamic elementary schools, and mosques, as well as support the gross violation in civil liberties and self-expression in France by mandating that no crosses, kipas, or kafiyahs be worn in public. Deal with your own problems, then you can worry about how America decides to defend itself, at least it's not by suppressing our own loyal, patriotic Muslim population.

And speaking of our old Colonialist Allies, the Cheese-eating surrender monkeys are doing a bang-up job in the Ivory Coast. Let's count the days until they get their assed kicked all over the tiny African nation, shall we?

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