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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Sure, it could be that the old man succumb to just plain old age, especially with Israel's extremely effective strategy of isolating the aging leader to his Rammallah compound, but there seems to be a lot of partially in jest, partially serious speculating among the diplomats and foreign workers I know, that perhaps Arafat did die from AIDS related complications. Of course we'll never known considering the guy probably died a week ago. At any rate, one has to wonder, especially when headlines like this
are being run.

Now, everyone has been asking me for predictions of what will happen now that Arafat is gone. Well if this isn't the $64,000 question, then I don't know what is. Technically, the Palestinian Authority governing rules demand that elections beheld for Arafat's office 60 days after it is vacated and that the speaker of the house will hold interim power until then. I have heard that because the Palestinian speaker is not "well known" enough, the Palestinians might skip that whole process and just appoint someone.

At any rate, the favorites for new leadership have to be Mahmoud Abbas/Abu Mazen and Ahmed Quirea/Abu Ala. It has been interesting to see Abu Mazen reemerge the last few weeks since his 6 month long exile after resigning from the Prime Minister's post. Of course there is a lot of jockeying behind the scenes going on, and the US would probably love to see either 1. Real elections take place, or (more likely) 2. The appointment of Abbas as the new President of the PA, since he already holds the post of President of the PLO and since he is considered a man who is committed to a peaceful resolution to the conflict, and at least making an effort to curbing the acts of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, etc al. Of course the terrorist groups will have their say before it is all over. My sources tell me that Hamas and Islamic Jihad have committed themselves to trying to carry out as many suicide bombing as possible if either Abbas or Quirea is elected because the terrorists know that these two are more committed to a resolution of the conflict.

One thing is for sure in the whole run up to Arafat's death: The Palestinian leadership has once again proved how utterly impotently inept and clueless they really are. Their leadership can't even organize a fricking funeral and couldn't be honest about the state of Arafat's health all last week, and these same people are suppose to run a country?

Who was Arafat really? LIFE & CRIMES OF A LEADER WHO ROSE ON MYTHS AND LIES should be of some help.

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