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Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Afghan Boomlet
Good News in Afghanistan? Don't tell Kerry/Edwards or any other pusillanimous Democrat. This piece from Fox News on investment going into Afghanistan and progress in its first ever democratic elections is just astounding. Three years after one of the most oppressive regimes of the last 50 years is brought down and they are having better than expected success in democratic process and 142 foreign companies coming to Afghanistan in the last 12 months alone, bringing nearly half a billion dollars in capital investment to the country, is really amazing. It seems as if most of the Afghanis, save some paranoid tribal-leaders, former Taliban thugs and Al-Qaeda members, really believe the US is there to help. Don't tell this to liberals though, their defeatists attitude is disgusting. It's really a tribute to liberals when every time America scores a foreign policy victory like what is going on in Afghanistan that their presidential candidate looks less and less credible.

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